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The Renaissance treatment: a sensory experience in scent and sound

The new Lush spa treatment the Renaissance brings together meditation, fragrance, music, Lush energy work, and elements of gentle massage to bring you back into balance. Read on to find out more about the unique treatment that aims to restore you in your lunchbreak. 

The Renaissance perfume treatment is a sensory experience for the body and soul.  A meditation on fragrance, it aims to guide you back into balance through a soothing combination of music and perfume.


Taking inspiration from the city of Florence and the history of the Renaissance, this unique perfume treatment helps to take you away from everyday stresses, giving you time to rest and reflect, leaving you feeling restored.  


A guided sensory meditation 


This 40-minute escape from the world incorporates sensory meditation: inhaling a careful blend of fragrances and listening to the soothing sounds such as birdsong and choral music helps you to focus on the present. 


Here, perfumes are experienced in a different way than simply wearing it, helping you to achieve mindfulness and changing your mood: scenting the air, anointing the body, and, even perfuming hot tea. As the Lush Spa development team explains: “The scents gradually layer up taking your mind off any worries you may have.  Perfume is the mantra: focusing on the sense helps ground you in the present moment.”

Fragrance helps you to be present

The exquisite fragrances have been especially developed for the treatment and are inspired by the Renaissance;  designed to give you what you need to feel balanced again, they include the finest essential oils to help you switch off. You can read more about these fine fragrances here


Your therapist is your guide

Your therapist has been trained in and inspired by various energy and holistic therapies. This training means the therapist his or herself is in a calm and meditative mood, enabling them to use this Lush energy work and elements of gentle massage to guide you into a place of balance and calm.

The nurturing and transformative treatment is choreographed to especially-composed music aimed at transporting you into a deeper state of relaxation. “It’s about stepping you down, giving you the space to digest what’s happening  and your own thoughts,” Lush Spa treatment developer Hannah Lammiman explains.

The score, which was partially recorded in historic buildings including a palazzo and church in Florence, features the soothing and powerful sounds of Renaissance and Baroque instruments, choral music, and  birdsong.


Humoral theory 

The inspiration behind the treatment comes from the Renaissance approach to wellbeing, which used perfume and humoural theory. In the fifteenth and sixteenth century, they believed the body was made up four ‘humours’, which affected health and mood, so there was a need to keep these in balance. Read more about the inspiration behind this treatment here.


Finding your allegrezza
Allegrezza describes the desired state of being in Renaissance Italy: calm, tranquil happiness, uplifting the spirits.  By the end of this perfume experience, you’ll be left feeling scented and centred; restored; and with a renewed focus.

Take a deep breath… And relax. 


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