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The ripple effect: What to expect from Tales Of Bath

No more treading water: be restored by the tranquility of a spa treatment. To satisfy your thirst for peace and quiet, listen closely to the Tales Of Bath.

Once upon a time, an ancient British prince was hungry to be skilled in the ways of magic. So great was his desire, that Prince Bladud strayed far from his kingdom and responsibilities, delving deep into the arts of magic and science until he crossed into the realm of the faerie folk. There Bladud was humbled by the Faerie King, who gave him work as a simple swineherd so that he might learn humility.

After long years of service, Bladud’s perseverance was rewarded by Queen Sulis of the faeries and he was restored by the hot waters of a secret and sacred site. In gratitude, Bladud built a spa in Sulis’s name, so that all who are cast down might be soothed and revived…

Journey through the depths of the earth. Make your own pilgrimage to the source of ancient hot springs, rooted deeply in fairy tale. In the depths of a candlelit chamber, your bath is drawn, dappling the walls with soft, orbs of light. Be seated, as firm, flowing massage takes the weight from your shoulders, and loosens the nape of your neck. The soft sounds of water play out in the quiet, and you are left to bathe in peace.

The bliss of a drawn bath. Waters tremble softly below your hands as you break the surface tension. Step in and melt until you are suspended in that delicious equilibrium between waking and dreaming. Immerse yourself. Ripples of heat and minerals quench your skin, cleansing body and soul.

Music like poetry in motion: pouring over you in waves of crescendo and tidal beauty. Soak in a symphony of springs and free-flowing music. The synchronicity of touch and underground notes, which stream past, draw you deeper into sleep.

A soft, warm bed and the cold side of the pillow. Richly rejuvenating massage makes you soar on the crest of a wave and swim down deep mountains of hot oils. Breathing deeply, reaching a dreamlike state, where warm waters sweep over your skin and massage is fleeting yet constant. You are unwinding, as still, shapeless and formless as water, and it’s so beautiful to float on this feeling of weightlessness which lifts you up back up into the light...



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