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Scents of Christmas

At Christmas, we often think of pine cones, roasted chestnuts, and mulled wine. But a Lush Christmas smells a little different. Favourites such as Snow Fairy and Yog Nog fragrance our festivities at yuletide. With that in mind, we’ve paid special attention this year to provide an array of body sprays and bath products that share the same perfume as your most sought-after scents.

This year, Lush has you sorted when it comes to scenting your Christmas. Whether you’re looking for scrumptiously sweet or spicy and stimulating, the fragrances you’ll find during the festive season will fill you with good spirits.

Scents of Lush

Snow Fairy’s candy bubblegum fragrance has been scenting showers since 2005. It’s been the topic of tweets and fairy tales for many a year, and over time made its appearance in multiple forms: A heavenly hydrating naked body conditioner, a body spray to cloak you in candy floss, a glow stick to help you summon lilac, blue and pink sparkle. For those who like to bathe in sweetly scented sparkly swirls, Snow Fairy bath bomb is flying off the shelves this year. And if that wasn’t enough, Snow Fairy amazeball will enchant you; sprinkle your fairy dust before you drop the bath bomb in for sweet soft waters.

The crisp heady notes of Golden Pear are delightful and delectable so it had to be bottled this year. A beautiful blend of warming cardamom, pear puree and sweet sandalwood combine for a sumptuously scented body spray. Lavish in luxurious lathers with the moisturising soap. Or add a bronze glow to your skin with the hydrating solid highlighter; makeup with benefits beyond the selfie. 

Golden Pear body spray

Warm-up winter nights with spicy cardamom and heady ylang-ylang and savour your senses in Yog Nog body spray. Shower in soothing suds and salivate over smooth, biscuit-scented skin thanks to the returning shower gel and body conditioner. Highlight and hydrate with the glow stick that will gild you in frosted sparkle. Soft shimmery soaks are a way of life for the Lush community, so grab this clove-bud and gardenia bubble bar

The power of scent association

Olfaction, also known as the sense of smell, is one of our most mysterious and powerful senses. Scent is intrinsically linked to memory and emotion so a familiar fragrance can instantly transport you to a childhood spent playing in fields with friends or thoughts of someone special. We often also associate scents with specific occasions, places, and seasons. This can be personal to the individual or the masses. 

Scent the season

Other than layering your products to keep you scented all day, or gifting your loved ones with their favourite fragrances, you’ve got many more uses for your body sprays. Why not spritz your bedsheets before you settle in and snuggle up for a cosy night? Spray your curtains, cushions to surround you and your guests in scents that will ensure you’re all set for the festivities. If you’ve chosen to surprise your loved ones with some special extras, try scenting their stockings to give them a hint of what’s in store.

Whatever scents you choose this Christmas, you’re sure to remember them well into the new year.

To explore the entire Christmas range, head here.

Comments (3)


about 6 months ago

i bought snow fairy body spray and it is so lush .stays smelling lovely for ages but looks like they dont sell it no more

about 2 weeks ago

its a christmas exclusive

Lush Customer Care

about 6 months ago


Our Snow Fairy Body Spray is a Christmas product only which is why you can't find it at the moment. It should return next year! - Ros

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