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Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Who you’re buying for might’ve been potluck, but whether they like it or not doesn’t have to be... 

Whatever your budget and no matter who you’re treating, you’ll find something below to knock their socks (and possibly the rest of their clothes) off.

The best things come in small packages (Spending up to £10)

The Snowman bubbleroon £4.25

There’s no better gift than friendship, right? So this frosty bathtime pal is sure to do the trick. With dried juniper berry eyes, mood lifting lemon myrtle oil, and a luxuriously hydrating cocoa butter tummy, you’ll be walking in the air as you’re soaking in the bath.

Luxury Lush Pud £4.95

Give that special someone their just desserts - in the form of this extravagantly sweet and colourful, pampering pud.

Lavender, tonka and ylang ylang will create colourful ripples of deliciously indulgent foam that’ll leave your playmates craving second helpings.  

Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly £4.25

A wibbly-wobbly way to give your season’s greetings to someone who likes a bit of slap and tickle.

Full of fresh apple juice, St Nick’s belly is made to be played with. Prod, poke and lather up with this this fruity, floral jiggle-fest.

Magic Wand £5.95

If you want to give best wishes, what way better than with a wand? A wave of this candyfloss scented, sparkling stick will bestow your bather with a bonanza of bubblegum bubbles for the best washes in town.

Golden Pear soap £6.50

Adding a bit of luxury to bath time is easy when you add a bit of gold. Pear puree and cardamom oil feature in this decadently spicy soap that will leave everyone wanting more.

Sweet Christmas £10.95

Sweet things come to those who give a generous bundle of bathing goodies. Bubbles of candy sweet vanilla and tonka absolutes wash and fizz away the blues with bright pinks. Add some sparkle and make their Christmas twinkle like the star they are!

Little Snow Fairy £11.50

The Snow Fairy has returned to spread sweet sweet joy to all that can sniff her magical candy floss cologne. And guess what? She’s distilled some of it into shower gel form so you can give your sweet-toothed sweetheart a gift that satiates their sugar cravings. And is if that wasn’t enough they can bath in drifts of sweet bubblegum jelly that softens skin and warms hearts as it goes.

Something extra, extra special (spending up to £20).

If your pocket money stretches a little further, how about these gifts to bestow upon your buddies?

Gifts with Character £12.50 each


In Santa's grotto born and raised, on the roofs is where he spent most of his days. Chillin out, xmassin’, acting all cool, shootin’ some snow balls and breaking the rules...

Rudy is the freshest deer on the block, and the perfect pressie for your on point pals. Unwrap his 100% organic threads to reveal Christmas Sweater - a punch of spicy ginger and clove bud oil. Then, when the excitement is over and a wind-down is on the cards, find a sweet and comforting, cocoa butter hug in the form of Butterball bath bomb - because even the raddest of reindeers needs a hug sometimes.


Pip all other presents to the post. This perky little penguin is keeping two sweet soaks safe in his tummy, ready to surprise whoever unwraps his bundle of joy. Comforting Butterball and Shoot for the Stars are sweet like candy and will make your loved ones feel dandy - just like Pip!

Dreamscape £18.95

Help someone drift off to the world of dreams with this sleepy lullaby of lavender, tonka and ylang ylang. It’s not rocket science that lemon and bergamot lifts moods higher than the stratosphere either. So get soaring to brighter, sweeter and more relaxed waters.

Christmas Cheer £18.50

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by giving gifts far and near. Treat someone to a juicy, fruity and zesty Christmas. Their 5 a day is never far away with fresh apple juice, lime, lemon and sweet wild orange oils.

SNAP! £16.50

Help Christmas go of with a bang by popping this cracker of a gift under the tree. Citrus fruits of all walks of limes fill this gift, from lemons to grapefruits. Help someone fizz, crumble and wobble their way to brighter moods and a very happy Christmas.

Best Wishes £16.95

What better way to send your best wishes than with an aptly named gift? Whether a friend, relative or loved one, only the best will do, so send your wishes with warming spices wrapped up in a bath bomb, sweet and moreish marzipan-scented soap and a bubbly, lemony friend.

Looking for more festive finds? See the full Christmas range here.


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