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See what all the floss is about: What are Wash Clouds?

No, you don’t have your head in the clouds, now you really can take the weather with you, everywhere you go. Introducing Wash Clouds - clouds you can wash with!

Roll up and watch as sugar-spun spectacles rise from a cloud-creating cauldron. For those who dream of lathering up with playful puffs of pampering perfection, now’s your chance. Watch as these Wonka-esque Wash Clouds are whipped up in front of you, fresh to take home and use. (Just don’t be tempted to eat these sweet treats).

A flurry of exquisitely exfoliating granulated sugar and opulent essential oils are poured into a machine you might recognise from trips to the funfair. As they are spun together by a wash cloud wizard, a cleansing cloud of fragranced fluff is formed. But the fun doesn’t stop at the fair - when your individually spun Wash Cloud meets water it transforms into a lather perfect for use in the shower, bath or wherever you fancy!

These incredible clouds are a fantastic way to add a little fun to your bathtime routine, while also giving skin a brightening buff. The gently scrubby fluff leaves skin velvety smooth, and fills your bathroom full of beautifully scented steam.

Three enticing fragrances await you...


Step under a thundercloud and get caught in refreshing peppermint oil rain. Peppermint cools the skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, while a darker rumble of Colombian cocoa gives Thundersnow a mint chocolate edge. A comforting vanilla undercurrent will wash away any blues, so ride the storm and embrace this invigorating shower.   


Get lost in a blend of deep, spicy patchouli, uplifting orange oil and resinous pine. The classic Karma fragrance of this Wash Cloud will fill your shower with positivity. Zesty lemongrass makes this an exhilarating pick-me-up and woody lavandin is beautifully grounding. Wake up with good vibes and bring on some good karma!

Ice Blue

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold! When you’re feeling the heat, take a cold shower with this stimulating citrus Wash Cloud. A sweet wild orange, bergamot oil and peppermint breeze will leave you feeling bright, revived and ready to face the day.

Thundersnow Wash Cloud

Destination: Cloud nine

It’s all about the show, so come and watch your theatrically fluffy frother being made exclusively at Oxford St. Just like real clouds, Wash Clouds don’t last forever. Use yours within a day or two of purchase for the fluffiest experience. The sooner the fluffier.

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