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Six things to know about Lush Haircare

Hair for a good time? Haircare has always been at the heart of Lush and, as the largest Lush store in the world opens its doors complete with its own salon, our range of products and haircare know-how continues to grow.

Lush Co-founder and Inventor Mark Constantine studied as a trichologist (a doctor of the hair and scalp), and in the days before Lush he worked closely with people to provide customised products and treatments. Years of development later, the new range, created by product inventor Daniel Campbell and developed by the HairLab team, is huge, diverse and truly unique. Featuring brand new inventions and updated favourites, you’ll find everything you need to make every day your perfect hair day.

Want to know more? Comb through the top six things you should know when it comes to haircare at Lush:

1. Something for everyone
Product inventor and cosmetic scientist Daniel Campbell is passionate about all types of hair, and is determined to create a place where everyone can find their perfect product. “Whoever walks through the door, we have to have something to offer them,” he explains. “That along with ‘a good hair day everyday’ are my two mantras. We have to be able to serve everybody.”

Lush has a team of hairdressers and hair experts working tirelessly to develop an innovative salon experience, as well as plenty of expert products. They can usually be found in Poole R&D headquarters-  up to their elbows in shampoo bubbles and henna. 

Brand new products include hair priming creams, shampoo for coloured or bleached hair, a dry oil serum for customers with Asian hair, as well as a whole range of products designed with afro and black hair types in mind. There’s ultra-hydrating curl supplement Renee’s Shea Soufflé, a whipped shea butter and coconut oil styling souffle that’s perfect for L.O.C styling methods, and an edging balm for helping lay baby hairs and sleek styles. You’ll also find a whole new range of co-washes to cleanse, condition and give strength to very curly, afro, heat damaged, or chemically processed hair. There really is something for every need.


2. Make your own hair happy hour
Like the sound of bespoke products? Who doesn't? But did you know you can make your own totally personalised products by mixing Lush haircare together? Game. Changer. Very few products out there do everything you need at once. “I’d love to be able to make every person their own personalised product but I’m a busy man,” Daniel jokes, “But you can mix products to create your perfect product and get the effects you want.”

Creating your own hair cocktail combo is really easy and can get great results. Mixing together Hair Custard and Giants Gel hair dressings before scrunching into hair gives a strengthening, moisturising and flexible hold to curls. Why not try applying Shield protective serum onto wet hair before layering Hairdresser’s Husband hairspray over the top to protect, strengthen and hold styles in place? The possibilities are pretty much endless and totally customisable!

3. Heat doesn’t have to burn
We’ve all heard that hot styling tools damage hair no matter what, but according to Daniel Campbell this isn’t necessarily true. Heat styling is only damaging above 220 degrees. “Between 180 and 220 is the sweet spot, this temperature allows us to break the temporary bonds that sit between hair shafts. As the temperature drops after styling these bonds reform and that’s what sets your style”, he states. “Above 220 and you begin to fracture the chemical bonds inside the hair shaft, and that’s when heat damage happens.”

Your styling tools should tell you what temperature the heat settings reach to help you control this, but in general Daniel recommends that “a cooler setting for longer is better”. If you’re a busy human being it isn’t always possible to spend the extra minutes perfecting your ‘do, so make sure to protect your hair with Shield hair serum. “The minimal oil content of this serum ensures that the application of heat will not fry the hair”, Daniel adds.


4. We have our own salon  
The HairLab Liverpool offers a range of styling treatments, customised consultations and haircuts. Tell us about your perfect hair day and you’ll be recommended a personalised selection of products for a hair treatment, wash and if you want one, a cut, right there and then. The HairLab can be found in our Liverpool store and you can find out more about it here.


5. Sometimes harder is better
You’ve heard of hard and soft water but other than scaling up your kettle did you know that they can both affect your hair? The team at the HairLab have developed a system that alters the mineral content of the water, utilising mineralised (hard) or de-mineralised (soft) water depending on your preferred style.

So what’s the difference? Water’s ‘hardness’ describes the amount of dissolved minerals in the water supply. Hard water has a high mineral count, while soft water has a very low mineral count. Areas that have a high volume of limestone and chalk in the earth tend to have hard water, such as Dorset and Berkshire, whereas areas such as Manchester have soft water. Both have their benefits to hair though. High mineral content in water can help to volumise fine or flat hair by coating the strands in salts and deposits, and will also add texture, potentially making it easier to style. You may find that when you wash your hair with soft water, your hair feels softer, shinier and that your style stays sleeker. Your shampoo will also lather more in soft water.


Knowledge is power, knowing what kind of water your area has will help to create your perfect hair day everyday. Or why not pop along to the HairLab in Liverpool or Poole for a treatment using this bespoke mix of minerals to help you get exactly what you want from your hair?


6. We understand the importance of a good haircut

Going for a haircut can be quite daunting, and many are familiar with feeling less than happy with their style. A great haircut can make you feel confident and can be a form of self-expression. Sammy from the HairLab even has a saying: “You wear your hair everyday, so you should enjoy it!”


Now available in Poole and Liverpool, the team at the HairLab have been working hard on being able to give our customers exactly what they want every time they visit. This includes an in depth consultation to understand their hair, what they want and how it will work with their hair type. Daniel is excited to show the world what hairdressing can be, explaining “It can be a beautiful and validating experience. It’s about looking after and caring for people, and making them feel good about themselves!” Our hair experts have experience with all kinds of hair types so you can go in and get exactly what you ask for, stepping out feeling confident and happy with your new ‘do.

Put our haircare knowledge to the test!
If you want these exciting products right hair right now, book yourself in for a fresh style at the HairLab and experience haircare on a whole new level. Or you can head to your local Lush store to find your all-time favourites. Remember to keep an eye out on #LushLabs for more hair-raising innovations, and follow @lush for the latest announcements and sneak peeks.

Hair styling at the Lush Showcase
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Hi tis page is fine as far as it goes but what I wanted to know about is the ingredients. I am looking for no palm oil.