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Soap paper: a whole new kind of pulp friction

It’s much more fun to take something naked into the shower with you which is why you may want to get your hands on four new shower smoothies and two re-worked favourites in self-preserving solid roulade form. Imagine a rich, creamy soap, bursting with fresh juices and beautifying oils, wrapped up like a swiss roll in lathering soap paper packaging....

Soap paper packaging was not just born in the lab, but in a sweet shop.  Product developer, Wesley Burrage explains  ‘I was looking at the fruit leather snacks you can buy and thought that they might be an interesting base to add soap to. I tried it with all kinds of fruits and vegetables before finally hitting on melons, which have the right amount of sugar and fibre to produce a consistently pliable but quite resistant thin sheet when you dehydrate it.’

The idea of rich Russian roulades, chocolatey swiss rolls and sticky puddings proved to be very much food for thought. A soft smoothie formula would be able to hold lots of lovely juices and active ingredients yet firm enough to slice. After lots of fruit-filled experimentation, a new product was born. Blended melon puree, soap flakes and a little colour is dehydrated and flattened into a sheet, then garnished with a soft soap mixture and rolled up like a swiss roll. These smoothies are sold in rich roulade blocks, so you can take away a freshly sliced piece of loveliness and use the entire product (soap paper and all) to wash your body.

Crying out for some roulade action? Go nuts for Coconut Scrubby Roulade, an exfoliating blend of ground rice, ground almonds and ground coconut shells, with a soothing coconut milk and olibanum oil inside.

If feeling fruity is more your kind of thing, Enzymic Roulade is bursting with fresh limes, pineapple and papaya juices to brighten the skin and turn your shower into a tropical storm. With crushed blueberries and creamy soya milk, Blueberry Roulade feels as good for the skin as full fat ice cream is to the soul, while Orange Roulade is filled with zesty citrus juices for a most energising shower.

So, as it turns out, soap paper is just one more reason to get naked!







Comments (2)


about 4 years ago

Well done lush!!!!


about 5 years ago

Amazing products yet again! Cutting down on landfill waste, and using up fresh left overs too. Well done Lush!
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