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Soapbox: Earthling Ed


"We can no longer be silent, it’s time to take to the streets"

By Ed Winters

Meet Ed Winters (AKA Earthling Ed), a UK based animal rights activist who co-founded Surge, a grassroots animal rights organisation currently preparing for the Official Animal Rights March 2018. As well as organising protests and campaigns, Earthling Ed has taken the YouTube world by storm. Here, he talks about the upcoming march, and why it’s time to take action.

Being vegan in a not yet vegan world isn’t always easy. It can become normal to feel isolated, misunderstood and even opposed, with family and friends often shying away from actually listening to what we have to say, responding aggressively and trivialising the importance of the vegan movement.

Supermarkets become morgues, the body parts of those who we want to protect thrown everywhere, their lives reduced to nothing other than a product, wrapped in plastic and labelled with lies and propaganda so that consumers can purchase flesh without seeing the blood that stains their hands.

Earthling Ed
Earthling Ed

We see zoos and aquariums as the prisons that they are. Fur, leather, wool, silk, down and every other animal-based clothing as the products of torture that they are. Items tested on animals as the horror that they are. We see the world for what it really is, a place unfamiliar, scary and violent.

It is said that ignorance is bliss, yet to bury our heads in the sand and turn a blind eye to suffering does not mean that the suffering no longer exists. Ignorance is instead a lie and although the truth may hurt, it is the truth that we must bear witness to, and the truth that we must share. We are the ones who know the truth and with that knowledge comes the obligation to spread the truth. We must ensure that society can no longer turn a blind eye to the suffering of others and instead it must share the burden that lies on each and every one of our shoulders to fight to create change.

So fight to create the change that you want to see. Come together with thousands of like-minded people who share your values and create the change you think of, talk of, dream of. On August 25th take to the streets of London and make your voice heard as we unify in the thousands demanding justice and compassion for the animals who are used, commodified, tortured and murdered.

Marching with people who care the same as you do is invigorating, it makes the world that seems unfamiliar, scary and violent a world that is instead filled with possibilities, love and hope. The energy is palpable, it ripples and flows, cascading over each and every person who stands collectively. This movement is made up of individuals, but together we move as one and together we cannot be stopped.

Surge created The Official Animal Rights March in 2016 because we wanted to show everyone that even in those times where we feel alone and isolated, we never truly are. This year the march is taking place in over 20 cities around the world with tens of thousands of vegans rising up, taking to the streets and celebrating the hope of the vegan message. The march is an event of joy and happiness, so bring your friends, your family, or even come on your own. People leave with new friends, new loved ones and a new fire that burns deep within them.

For too long, non-human persons have been seen unworthy of consideration within society, treated as objects and property. This march is an embodiment of society’s changing attitudes towards non-human animals and is a precursor for a world that doesn’t just talk about equality and peace, but also lives by it. The lives of non-human animals belong only to them and their existence on this planet is as valuable to them as ours is to us. Society must wake up and no longer treat life that does not resemble our own as inferior or less worthy.

Being vegan in a not yet vegan world isn’t always easy, so change that. March on the 25th of August and make a stand against animal oppression.

Together we can change the world. We must change the world.


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