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Soapbox: Save Me

To raise awareness of badger culls going on across the UK, we've teamed up with Save Me Trust and developed a new May Day bath bomb. Here we give Save Me our Soapbox space to share their view with you...

The Save Me Trust was founded by Dr. Brian May and encompasses many aspects of wildlife conservation, protection and rescue. Brian set up the trust and has not taken a back seat. He is an active campaigner, as well as fighting against fox hunting and rescuing wildlife, he is also at the fore front of our campaign at the moment against the badger cull. 

Save Me believe the badger cull is ineffective, inhumane, uneconomical and simply will not work. The badger cull is one of the most black and white animal welfare issues in the 21st century. Sometimes, we don't like to use the words 'animal rights' as it seems to conjure up images that most people recoil from. However, over the last few years we feel that is exactly what animals do need - rights. The desperation felt by some is the constant head against a brick wall. It's shocking to think people kill animals and use them for live targets; we would hope in this century we would have evolved past this. We find it hypocritical that people will go to save tigers in India, yet in the UK are happy to kill, persecute and take to the brink of extinction much of our British wildlife.

Save Me started fighting the badger cull as soon as we read the science in the original Randomised Badger Culling Trial (RBCT), shocked by it's findings, we went to the Government to ask them to stop the cull based on the science. Of course, there are different reasons for this cull, as our naivety in relation to the Government meant we didn't realise that policy leads science. 

We created and launched Team Badger in September 2012 and asked different groups to join us. The last 2 years have seen a big change in the public perception and understanding on the issues surrounding the badger cull. The motivation for the cull comes from number 10 and the NFU. 

We care about cattle as much as we care about badgers; bovine tb has been dropping over the last few years in cattle and attacking the wildlife reservoir is absolutely pointless. The IEP exposed the inhumaneness, the incompetence and the ineffectiveness of the cull and you would have thought that would be the end of it. However, we know it's the Governments intention to blunder on and continue culling in two areas in spite of scientists advising against it. 

Badgers have social structures and are perfect for vaccination. Their average age in the wild is 4-5 years and the badger population could be tb free in that time. The RBCT showed little movement between territories, uninfected setts remained free and over natural processes became unaffected and immune over short periods of time. In Europe, culling foxes was used to control rabies; it didnt work and contol only became effective when an oral bait vaccine was used. 

Earlier this year we launched the Badger and Cattle Vaccination Initiative (BACVI) in the House of Commons. This empowers local groups to vaccinate badgers in areas throughout the country. We are working with the Wildlife trusts, National Trusts and Councils wherever possible to increase the areas vaccinated with volunteer groups. We have won overwhelming debates in the Commons on the badger cull and have gained lots of friends there. 

Buying these badger bombs will help support cattle AND badgers in a realistic and sustainable fight against bovine tb.

Thank You,
from all at Save Me 


Free speech is a right that is worth preserving. Every month we give our SOAPBOX pages to others to tell us their view of the world. 

Badgers have social structures and are perfect for vaccination. Their average age in the wild is 4-5 years and the badger population could be TB free in that time.

Comments (18)
I'm studying this for my final year project at uni. Culling badgers is not ineffective, it does reduce the incidence of disease within the culled area, but it increases it much more in the area surrounding the cull, so actually leading to a net increase!! Will defo be purchasing one of the bath bombs, so cute!! :)


about 6 years ago

Cute, you are calling these animals cute when they are killing so many cattel. I have to watch a man come on to our farm and shoot so many of are cattel. Why are so many people saying its wrong to shoot badgers, when all this is leading to is cattel being shot. So are you saying it is okay to shoot cattel!?


about 6 years ago

You want to save the badgers, but these badgers are killing Millon's of cattel. Most people use quite a lot of cows products.what are badgers giving us? Okay so its not the badgers faults that they are spreading this disease, but the only way to stop the spread of TB is to control the badger numbers.


about 6 years ago

So...what happens to the 'cattel' if they are not shot due to TB? Do they get to live out the rest of their natural lives in peace and die of old age? Or do they get raped every year, their babies taken away from them, then, once they are 'spent', transported for hours in packed trucks to have their throats slit by the kindly slaughterhouse worker? Animal agriculture relies on the death of animals. The only 'tragic' figure here is the farmer who makes less profit off the death.


about 6 years ago

About time a brand that fits in with popular culture shouts about Wildlife and Animal Welfare. The Badger cull is totally unnecessary & this government has chosen to ignore the science, so its up to the rest of us to give Wildlife a voice. Good job Lush ! :)


about 6 years ago

I am all for animals, I hate animal testing (which is why I love lush), I hate capturing wild animals, I hate poaching, i hate harming animals in any way so this bath bomb is deco on the top of my list. We all should help these badgers.


about 6 years ago

Thank you Lush these badgers need as much help as we can give them and with your help im sure it will happen. I am part of G.A.B.S. (GLOUCESTERSHIRE AGAINST BADGER SHOOTING) if anyone can spare even 1 hour to help us monitor setts wounded badger patrols or even fund raising or donating we will be grateful . These badgers have done no harm to anyone and if the government and NFU get their way the badger will no longer exist. Thank you again Lush for helping us. Your products are amazing.


about 6 years ago

Dear Lush, this is amazing. I really feel for the badgers. What can I do to spread more awareness? I will be investigating but your opinion is fabulous` haha. Really, it's sad though. I saw a dead badger on the side of the road between Bakewell and Sheldon. It hadn't been runover. Now I understand. . . I live in rural Derbyshire and I am in contact with farming people all the time. I work on a farm myself. Please let us know what else can be done and where we can access the scientific information on the matter. THank you and I will only buy Badger Bombs from now on. In all honesty Bath Bombs are a seldom luxury for me but will buy for my friends and myself as well.


about 6 years ago

come and join us in our legal fight against this cull. or donate to our cause, get in touch with GABS on their website im sure they will give you more info, thanks


about 6 years ago

Thank you Lush for help supporting to save the badgers. If I ever win the lottery I will be setting up my own wildlife rescue centre as all animals are important and should be helped out in everyway. Will love to see more products helping to raise money for animals such as the rhinos, tigers etc
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