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Styling tips: the 2-day do

Pushed for time? Here’s how to get two hairstyles in one.

Look 1: An upside down French plait that turns into long waves

Day 1: The upside-down French plait

Step 1:  Flip your hair upside-down and brush. Take three sections of hair from the nape of your neck and begin to French plait.

Step 2: Continue to braid until you are up to the crown of head (where a bun would sit).

Step 3: Grab the remaining strands of hair from the front of the head, leaving out the fringe if you have one. Put a band around hair.

Step 4:  Flipping your head up, brush the remaining free hair and create a high ponytail.

Step 5: Back brush the hair to add some oomph. Rub some Dirty hair cream into your palms and scrunch into hair to add texture. Working around the loose hair, take fine pins and make an even-shaped bun, leaving some strands to add to the messy undone look.  

Day 2: Long, loose and luscious waves

Simply unpin for a head of gorgeous waves with a messy bohemian look. Spritz with Sea Spray hair mist and scrunch your hair in your hands for texture and hold.

Cadi from the Lush buying team, day 1
Maddie from the Digital team sporting a knot-wrapped hair-do


Look 2: Retro pin-curls that turns into a pleat with a quiff


Day 1: 1950s glamour pin-curls

Step 1. Tip a little No Drought in to hands a rub through hair to add some texture and hold.

Step 2.  To create a curl, section hair with a pintail comb to get an area of about 2.5cm square. Starting at the tip, roll the hair around your index and second finger and secure with a bobby pin.

Step 3. Continue until all the sections have been curled. You can either keep the curls large for a 1950s look, or lay flat against the head for a more 20s-style look.

Step 4. For a funky first-day look, tie one of our knot-wraps around your hair. 


Day 2: Sleek French pleat with 1950s twist

Step 1: Gently unpin curls, leaving the front section in grips.

Step 2: Rub a little Revive through hair to smooth and add shine.

Step 3: Take all of the back section of hair in one hand and roll it around fingers towards the scalp to form one big roll. Grip into place and check the shape, using pins to even it out.

Step 4: Now unpin the front sections and rub through with Dirty styling cream. Form one big barrel curl set sideways on head to look like a big quiff. Grip into place.

Starting at the tip, roll the hair around your index and second finger and secure with a bobby pin.

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