Sweet steams are made of these

Much like a reliable best friend, toner can always be relied upon to clean up after a party.

A little post-cleansing spritz refreshes the skin and helps to close the pores, making your skin instantly feel more radiant and ready for a good dose of hydration (advised after a late night). Simply spray your toner directly onto your face and allow it to sink in, or apply with a cotton pad and sweep over your face to remove excess cleanser. 

Tea Tree Water uses naturally antiseptic ingredients to treat breakouts gently but effectively. The nutritious blend of antibacterial tea tree and cleansing grapefruit oils will leave your skin feeling matte and refreshed - perfect for when you’re craving that squeaky clean feeling.

If, instead, you want to treat your complexion to a dose of clarity and some gentle hydration, try Eau Roma Water. Versatile lavender and damask Turkish rose from producers in Senir work together to calm and gently hydrate the skin, helping you to feel cool, calm and collected.

For a complexion which feels bright and breezy, Breath Of Fresh Air contains nourishing carrageenan seaweed and rose absolute to even out your complexion, with patchouli for its soothing action on the skin.

Fancy getting steamy?

When you have a spare five minutes, steaming is a great way to deeply cleanse and clear your skin. Cover your head with a towel and lean over a bowl of hot water, infused with herbs or essential oils, inhaling deeply, for five to ten minutes. This process can help to deliver oxygen deep into your pores and aid the removal of dirt.

The herbal blends you choose and regularity of your steaming can be catered to the balance of your skin. If you like your skin to feel matte, steaming for around five minutes, two or three times a week, with citrusy oils such as grapefruit or lemon will help to keep your skin clear and fresh. 

If you tend to look for more hydrating products, your skin will probably benefit from occasional rather than regular steaming sessions.  Moisture is important here, and oils such as rose, lavender and chamomile will nourish delicate protections whilst you cleanse.

As with anything, balance is key. If you are steaming regularly, a balanced blend of gentle ingredients will help to really care for your skin.

Dream Steam toner tab contains rose and chamomile blue to comfort your skin, while tea tree oil cleans and refreshes. This tab is a great all-rounder, and calms your complexion whilst you deeply cleanse.

Tea Tree tab is an uplifting, zesty option, made with antiseptic ingredients to help your skin feel healthier and brighter.


Soothing Eau Roma Water toner is made from fresh rose and lavender.
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