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Seasons of massage and sensory delirium fuelled by the way you want to feel. Here’s a mind cleanser. Take an 80 minute journey deep within, choreographed by acres of coastline, birdsong and the power of words. It’s the scent of magic, confidence and esteem: a unique language of music, fine essential oils and full body massage which engages and merges all your senses, sending you into a rapture of storybook imagery and immersive sensations. Ponder this tremendous scene, this whole experiment of enlightened green as the peal of distant bells rings out. Hot sunlight, lush fields, going back in time - laughter wings away like butterflies, all sweet, green humour and glorious mornings. Energised. Uninhibited: the earth is turning, burning, giving you life. Perspective. Peace. Find yourself on the hillside watching the sky darken and turn to night in Hardy’s country, where the roll of the world eastward is almost a palpable movement and massage is exquisite poetry.

Enjoy the panorama: all delight of human sense exposed in this composition of your own making and experience, never the same and never predictable. Welcome to Xanadu, where gardens are bright with sinuous rills,and blossoms many an incense-bearing tree; where soundscapes of slow motion ring out, tuning your mind into a deep state of relaxation, taking you from evening to night to dawn and day once more. You’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole with Alice, dived into a verdant fantasia, stepped into a vortex of imagination where your body is a landscape made in the mind.

Soundscapes of slow motion ring out, tuning your mind into a deep state of relaxation taking you from evening to night to dawn and day once more.”

What is it?

Synaesthesia is our signature treatment and is an 80 minute personalised, full-body, multi-sensory massage treatment. Choose from eleven behavioural prescriptions for a unique experience each time.

For who?

A treatment to transform your state of mind, engage the senses as well as boost your circulation.


The treatment is £125 and available in all Lush Spas including throughout the UK, Paris, Spain, Hong Kong, USA, Japan, Brazil and Korea.

The Treatment

When entering a Lush spa, you may see our Synaesthesia wall, in the kitchen. During your Synaesthesia consultation you will be asked to pick one of the behavioural prescriptions from the wall and this will determine your treatment. Synaesthesia works to alter your state of mind in a positive transformative way, based on the behavioural prescription you choose at the start of your treatment.

A full body multi-sensory massage, Synaesthesia stimulates all of your senses to create a specific feeling. By using the secret blend of essential oils used in the bespoke spa massage bars to stimulate the state of mind, they perfectly reflect the chosen word to uplift the senses. As well as perfuming the skin, the Fair Trade Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter base of these rich massage bars allow the therapist to glide over the skin throughout the 80 minute treatment whilst moisturising and conditioning.These massage bars are exclusive to our spas, apart from the Peace massage bar which you can find on our shop floors

Finally at the end of their treatment, the customer is invited to drink a tea especially infused with their behavioural prescription blend in the kitchen with their spa therapist. To further the treatment’s effect, the customer takes away their massage bar and a special spa exclusive reusable bubble stone to match, so they can continue their Synaesthesia experience at home.

The Inspiration
The term synaesthesia comes from Ancient Greek, “syn" and “aisthēsis” meaning together and sensation, respectively. Synaesthesia is a neurological condition where a sensation in one of the senses, such as hearing, triggers a sensation in another, such as taste. For instance, some people with synaesthesia can hear colours or see patterns or shapes to music. This is the case with two of the people who developed this treatment, Mark Constantine and musician Simon Emmerson. Together, they wanted to create a treatment to stimulate and merge all the senses to give a transformative effect.

The first and signature treatment of Lush Spa, Synaesthesia was proudly released at the flagship spa at King’s Road, London which then had only this singular treatment on the menu - an unheard of feat for any spa to do.

The training each spa therapist undergoes ensures each client has a unique and immersive experience, and none more so than with Synaesthesia. This treatment has eleven different ways it can be performed depending on the behavioural prescription chosen by the client, ranging from different massage techniques to hot and cold stones, all choreographed perfectly in time with the music.

The Music
Blissful bird song and an orchestral score place you in the Dorset countryside on a perfect English Sunday morning. The soundtrack passes through the day and into a twilight of majestic bird chorus before you are led into the heart of a still, dark forest as night closes in. The patter of soft rain beckons in a dawn chorus of rooks and jackdaws stirring all around you before the music sweeps you off again to the magical Scarborough Fair.  The music and movements dance together, creating a physical ballet of the senses.

“Choreographed by acres of coastline, birdsong and the power of words.”

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