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There’s a new magazine in town

It may have been a while, but we’re back with a printed publication! Lush Times is new, fresh and exciting! Inside you’ll find a curation of Lush stories, from sourcing through to inspiration and ethics. If you can't wait to get your hands on a physical copy, you can explore some of the content online here. Happy reading! 

Here at Lush we’ve always got something to say, something to learn and something to explore. We’ve experimented with ways to share these weird and wonderful things over the years, starting with a full-size newspaper, shrinking to a magazine, binning the paper altogether in favour of online, and then, you guessed it, going full circle and deciding to join the #printisnotdead movement.

Yup, that means you’ll be able to get your hands on an exciting new Lush publication soon. We’ve been exploring ways to curate and share the content we create every day on, and for a limited time, pilot copies of Lush Times: Join The Regeneration could be found on the shop floor exclusively at Lush Liverpool. We printed 10,000 copies, and after that initial test run we’re ready to unleash this publication on the rest of the UK!


Lush Times

What’s inside?

You might be surprised to know there’s almost no product featured in this printed publication. It’s not the Argos catalogue, and we didn’t want it to be. That’s what our website is for. After all, if we were to put all of our products into a catalogue it would be one almighty tome! Instead, you’ll find stories about the ingredients, people, and inspiration behind the bath bombs you love to pop in your tub.

There’s Kelly from the Kitchen talking all things Aloe after her recent trip to Kenya, Harnaam Kaur takes to the page to chat self-love, and our in-house writers explore repair cafes, beauty in the Instagram era and Indigenous Climate Action. There’s also some kickass illustration and photography that you’ll want to paste all over your walls - you might recognise it from this limited edition Lush Swag.

Although this is a new publication for Lush, we’ve always believed in ethical storytelling that’s fair, well researched and meaningful. Lush Times is a place where we can curate some of the hundreds of stories and happenings in the Lushoverse in one place. It’s by no means everything that we’re doing, thinking about, or exploring, but it’s a selection of the stuff we think you’d like to hear about.


Join the regeneration

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the contents of our print magazine.

Aloe Roots This is the story behind Aloe secundiflora, which goes into Charity Pot body lotion and Parsley Porridge soap.

Worth its salt Discover where and how the salt in products like Ocean Salt face and body scrub and Big shampoo gets into your bathroom.

Nobody understands the meaning of one rose Find out more about the people who pick Lush rose petals for products like Ro’s Argan gourmet soap and Rose Jam shower gel.

Why recycle, when you can get naked? We take a look at some of our exciting naked product innovations and highlight our naked concept shops.

Undefining Beauty What is beauty? It’s a question we ask every day; we ask it of ourselves, our loved ones, our search engines. Maybe it’s time we start writing our own answers.

If you fancy delving a little deeper, we've also created an online hub where you can explore and discover more stories related to regeneration.


Got feels?

If it’s not clear, we want to know what you think. If you love it, let us know. Got some ideas on how we can improve? Send ‘em our way, or specifically to [email protected]

Alternatively, give the magazine a shout out on social media using the tag #LushTimes


Comments (3)


about 1 year ago

I'm so happy that Lush Times is getting brought back in printed, more full form! As a US customer, I enjoyed flipping through the catalogs at my store, but I also enjoyed the backstories about how ingredients are sourced, products are developed, and product trends are developed at Lush. This zine sounds like the perfect way to get that information, and I'm so glad that Lushies outside of the UK can order it at such a reasonable price! One thing that would be helpful: knowing how often they get published, so that when you order a Lush Times with your purchase, you know you won't be getting a duplicate if you had the prior version already. Please let me know, otherwise, how we can find that out. Thank you!


about 1 year ago

Great Idea - as usual : )

Candi Eldridge

about 1 year ago

This looks FANTASTIC!