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A touch of luxury: Introducing Bath Oils

Fancy turning your bath water into a lagoon of floating petals, or are you more of a deep sea dipper? Perhaps a romantic bath sharer, or a door-locked, world-blocked kind of bather? One size doesn’t always fit all when it comes to bathtime.

Set your mood and bath waters alight with all the colours of the rainbow, and lashings of creamy butter too. Introducing the small, mighty, ever so luxurious, Bath Oil. A soft, organic shea and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter ball, with water and oil soluble colours to ripple through your bath.

Just one is all you need to create your own bathtime fantasia. Simply let your flavour of the month (day, hour…) drift and bob under the tap, as hot water unleashes enchanting clouds of colour, perfume and cocoa butter. Bath Oils will leave your skin soft and exquisitely scented. Look out for the following melty treats and find out just how simple they are to use here. No matter what your mood, there’s a Bath Oil to compliment it!

Steal the spotlight

There’s no business like show business, and there’s no business like pink, lustre filled baths. Razzle Dazzle is a cerise bath melt with a surprisingly green smell, filled with the fresh, grassy scent of violet leaf absolute, refreshing bergamot, and Persian lime for a rejuvenating soak. For something a little punchier try Ginger, this lustre-filled Bath Oil was inspired by the glamorous Ginger Rogers. Releasing a rejuvenating orange scent as it melts -and turning your water beautifully bronze. Alternatively, turn your bath into a cocktail of rhubarb and custard colours with sugary scented Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment - almond and extra virgin coconut oil hydrate for supple skin, sure to leave you feeling warm and squishy.

Shake things up

In need of some good vibes? Happy Thoughts is the perfect choice. Packed with juicy Brazilian orange oil and sunny scented neroli, it contains Himalayan rock salt, rich jojoba oil, shea butter and softening extra virgin coconut oil to deeply hydrate the skin. If you need to get things going, try Delight for an enlivening soak. Stirring lime and aromatic black pepper oil will warm and comfort skin - sure to give you that fuzzy feeling.

Need more of a mood boost? Perk up your senses with Magnificent - a bathtime firework display of red and blue citrus swirls. Or, for  truly tropical refreshment, You’ve Been Mangoed offers a burst of mango, lemongrass, lime and lemon oils to really put the fizz in your day. Finally, for when you need a double whammy of wow, find your get-up-and-go with Double Vitality. As it gently fizzes in the water, Sicilian lemon oil brightens and boosts, while crisp peppermint oil revitalises your mind and body.

Back down to earth

Rolled in delphinium petals, Flower’s Barrow lets loose delicate flora, creating a blooming infusion that brings you back to earth and nature. Restorative rose grounds and Roman chamomile calms, while a hint of blackcurrant absolute offers a little nostalgia. Or, if  things are feeling tempestuous, try Oil On Troubled Water. As this stormy Bath Oil melts, blue and purple bleed into one another like rolling thunder clouds. Once the earthy oakwood scent has passed, you’ll be left with an exhilarating gush of English peppermint oil rain, embrace blue skies and a clear mind.

For something sweeter, try Revelations- as this Bath Oil bobs and fizzes unhurried around your bathtub, it releases a botanical burst of sweet wild orange and bergamot oil to tone the skin and uplift the senses. Behind its light, citrus facade, lies darker, herbaceous olive leaf absolute and earthy oak moss extract - a fruity aroma with a slight bitterness. Alternatively, fulfill your deepest desires with sultry Polyamorous. Revel in an irresistible fusion of floral violet leaf absolute, intense sandalwood oil and vibrant Brazilian orange oil. Dissolving into a soft pink colour, Polyamorous leaves scattered hearts floating on the surface of the water.

Slow down

Step into your comfort zone with Floating Island and enjoy delicate vanilla and almond oil soaks. Fair Trade Organic cocoa butter and Organic shea butter soften sensitive souls, while musky labdanum resinoid and sandalwood oil pacify busy thoughts and ground you in this ultimately opulent moment.

Need a moment to reboot? Sink into a glistening bath and disappear under a cloak of golden lustre with Cloak Of Invisibility. When you want to switch off from the world, this comforting rosewood oil and jasmine bath melt will gently fizz away your bothers and burdens to leave you feeling content. Sometimes only a snooze will do. Switch off from the world with Dreamtime - cocooned in warming waters, let the outside become muffled and feel your concerns float into the horizon. Chamomile blue and lavender oil calm, while ginger and sandalwood oil relax tension. Organic shea butter moisturises  to soften and soothe the skin. Goodnight, sleep well tonight.

A most sublime experience in lots of different varieties. Find your favourite online or in store, and  transport yourself far from the madding crowd.

When your bath is run, give the waters a swish to disperse the oils and dip into a long and rewarding soak. As you daydream, organic shea and cocoa butters soothe and hydrate your skin, making the waters soft and sensuous. Here’s to bathtime.

Comments (10)


about 2 years ago

Are any of the bath oils particularly good for sensitive skin? I tend to be careful what I add to my bath as I've had problems in the past. :)

Lush Customer Care

about 2 years ago


email us [email protected] and we should be able to help

Mr Noubar

about 3 years ago

Oil On Troubled Water & Dream Time are both absolutely gorgeous! I could sit in one of these two forever! I also have another use for bath oils... They work great as a foot soak! I have a joint problem and have to bathe my tired, aching & sore feet in Epsom salts to take some of the pain away so I add one of these little oil blocks to it as well! They stop the Epsom salts from drying my skin out!


about 4 years ago

How do you use bath oils


about 4 years ago

To use bath oil, run a bath as hot as you can get it, and pop the bath oil in. Let it met away and if it needs assistance, rub it between your fingers, and indulge yourself in a moisturising bath!!

about 4 years ago

just put them in a bath . well that is what I did with my razzel dazzle bath oil and a bunch of oil shot straight out of the ball.


about 4 years ago

they melt in the water just like a bath bomb :)


about 5 years ago

We Need These In Canada! There Would Be So Many People Who Would Buy half the Stock!!lol


about 3 years ago

Are there any bath oils that transport well to hot, central Florida? If not, are there highly moisturizing bath bombs or bubble bars that can survive our heat?

Lush Customer Care

about 3 years ago


The Bath oils are lovely but would not be best for transport to hotter regions :( Your best bet if you do want to try them would be to pop into your local store. Butterball is a great moisturising bath bomb with lots of Cocoa Butter and Ylang Ylang Oil. Creamy Candy would be a good alternative as well. This one has lots of Cocoa Butter and Almond oil inside to moisturise with the added bonus of a sweet candy scent.

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