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On The Trail Of Sandalwood Smugglers

Lush is thrilled to announce the release of their first graphic novel... On The Trail Of Sandalwood Smugglers

Join our daring duo, Agnès Gendry and Simon Constantine, on their journey into the shady underworld of sandalwood smuggling. This rip-roaring true tale of deceit, duplicity and decapitation stretches the globe as our pair sniff out the real nature of sandalwood, and find more than they bargained for.

Written by Simon and Agnès, and illustrated by Chicago-based Steve Krakow aka Plastic Crimewave, this book gives readers a fascinating insight into our buying team's journey as they source sandalwood. It's an essential read for anyone interested in the stories behind the people and ingredients that go into our products.

"We go to such lengths to inform ourselves, to ensure we use and buy sustainable, honest, quality ingredients and in the course of doing this we encounter such incredible people and have some surreal and exciting adventures and we thought it was important to share this," Agnes explains.

"Sandalwood is a beautiful oil which has been used for centuries, it is an oil we love and we are very excited to be able to tell its complex and amazing story."

On the Trail of Sandalwood Smugglers is now on sale in UK Lush shops and UK online for £9.95.

Comments (8)


about 5 years ago

My husband is Indian (born and bred in Kerala) and he told me that Veerappan gave a share of his takings to the poor...sort of like an Indian Robin Hood. Was that just a romantic story?


about 6 years ago

Maybe if your buyers went to India's distant villages and not stayed at fancy hotels, maybe they would see that sandalwood and sandalwood oil isn't hard to find from honest working people in India, maybe they would think twice before glorified one criminal of many more. You didn't offend just Lush buyers (we are actually fans not buyers,loyal customers who are paying price for your "naked" products and expensive advertiseing ), you offended whole nation. I went to India and bought oils,pure cold pressed oils but not from your glorified Smugglers but from simple hard working villigers. And you made a comic book out of it to sell it. Facts before romance please! Inform yourselfs!


about 6 years ago

Milly A, I know you cannot be as stupid as what you wrote. That's akin to publishing a book about Jewish culture and putting Hitler on the cover. Let me remind you again that Veerappan killed 184 people and over 200 elephants, and made $2 millions plus in the sale of ivory. It doesn't matter what is in your book if you put that criminal on the cover.

about 6 years ago

Hi rigelmaccrikey,
We believe in highlighting the side to ingredients sourcing that is mostly hidden, and promoting discussion and awareness. Veerapan has certainly done this, but I am sorry for any offence you have taken from the design of the product.


about 6 years ago

This guy was a thief and a poacher....I don't think you informed yourselves very well. Why would you name something after him? No more Lush products for us. Marketing department fail!

about 6 years ago

While Veerappan himself appears on the label artwork we are in no way glorifying his actions. The three products are attempting to highlight the dangers and the realities of sandalwood and the criminality surrounding the trade in this essential oil, which is harvested from a protected tree species. Because of the scarcity of the tree and resulting essential oil, there is huge money to be made from illegally trading the oil – which therefore attracts the usual criminal gangs who specialise in moving illegal things across borders – such as guns, drugs, ivory, etc. Simon and Agnes, of our buying team, wanted to get a full understanding of this illegal trade, so went on a journey to the depths of the smuggling world to find some answers. Here they learned of Veerappan, a character from the past who is one of history’s most notorious sandalwood smugglers and personifies all that is bad about the illegal trade. You can read a little more about how Simon and Agnes from our buying team discovered the story of Veerappan here: link text


about 6 years ago

And to whom is to be ascribed the total moronic decision to go ahead with this? Is somebody boycotting you from the inside? Withdraw this immediately!


about 6 years ago

Tell LUSH Cosmetics: Don't Glorify Elephant Poaching! it spoils your good reputation.