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Trains not planes

It's no secret that climate change is happening and we’re more aware of it now than ever before but back in 2008 it wasn’t quite the big news story that it is now.

Britons were producing more carbon per head than any other nation and this was proven to be fuelling climate change. One change that people could make to reduce their carbon footprint was to not take domestic flights and to take the train instead, this in turn would lead to less need for airport expansions as there would be fewer passengers.

Plane Stupid are a woman led protest group who are inspired by the suffragettes and dress in Edwardian costume to  leaflet, protest and even perform non violent acts of civil disobedience to raise awareness of the problems caused by aviation fuelled climate change and Lush joined forces with them to raise awareness of their protest.

In Lush stores a chocolate soap called “Chox Away” was launched and between 25 -31 May 2008  all the proceeds from the sale of it were donated to Plane Stupid to help fund their protesting. Stores also used their windows to display “trains not planes” banners and held “protest picnics” outside, complete with tea, cake and staff in Edwardian dress as ‘climate change is no picnic.’

Company policies within Lush were also changed at the time by shunning domestic fights in favor of staff taking the train when they needed to travel in the course of their work and if international flights should have to be made then imposing a ‘self tax’ of 50 pounds per tonne of carbon emitted, the money being donated to groups who campaign against airport expansion in favor of a stronger rail networks.

Lush is always looking at ways to be more sustainable and constantly strives to reduce its carbon footprint by looking at ways to reduce air freighting raw ingredients and manufacturing products locally using people power (there are five lush factories worldwide) using wood waste to heat hot water and composting organic waste, which would otherwise go to landfill and create methane which also causes global warming.

Other climate change groups that Lush has supported financially include, Campaign for better transport, Stop stansted expansion, HACAN clearskies and No Bristol airport expansion.

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