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Vegan makeup brushes and tools

Looking for cruelty-free makeup brushes that provide pro results, are multi-use, and made to last? Enter #LushMakeup brushes. 100% vegan, easy to use, and lovingly handmade.

These versatile brushes are made with soft synthetic hair and wooden handles, constructed using vegan glue. Their chic finish, thanks to the black cellulose-based lacquer, give them a vintage look and feel, so you’ll never want to part with them.

Whether you want to get your faux freckles on fleek, or simply fill your brows in, with the right tools at your disposal, you’ll be free to release your inner creative.

We’ve written a handy low-down on how they work, but it’s up to you what you use them for. Go on, express yourself!

Cheek To Cheek - Blush Brush

✓ Blends seamlessly

✓ For blusher, bronzer, and highlighter

✓ Apply and blend 

For a flush of colour on the cheeks or to build up a golden glow, try Cheek To Cheek. The fluffy round head of this brush distributes product evenly over targeted areas such as the apples of your cheeks or the tops of your cheek bones.  

Biggest Fan - Large Fan Brush

✓ Targeted application

✓ For highlighter and contour

✓ Apply and blend 

With tightly packed bristles, Biggest Fan is ideal for building coverage and blending, for a seamless finish. Its fan-like shape fits perfectly into the contours of the face, such as under the cheeks or along your jawline, to assist a targeted application of cream or powder products.

Fresh Faced - Flat Foundation Brush

✓ Layers for full coverage

✓ For foundation and face masks

✓ Apply and blend  

Whatever coverage you enjoy, Fresh Faced is great at laying liquid and cream foundation on the skin, or to apply a face mask. So, whether you’re getting ready for a big night out, or having a pampering night in, this brush has got you covered.

People Powder - Large Powder Brush

✓ Broad and light coverage

✓ For powder and bronzer

✓ Set your base or bronze your face

To keep your makeup in place with setting powder or to bronze all over, the large fluffy round head of People Powder works well at covering large areas of the skin. Those who like to bring their bronzer down onto their neckline and chest will love this brush.

Glow To Town - Large Highlighter Brush

✓ Targeted application

✓ For highlighter and contour

✓ Apply or blend 

Contouring and highlighting can be serious work. But for a professional look with minimal effort, this brush is always up for the task. The shape and size make it ideal for areas such as the cheekbones, brow bones and down the bridge of the nose.

Hey Big Blender - Small Blending Brush

✓ Blends seamlessly

✓ For eyeshadow, highlighter, and concealer

✓ Apply or blend 

The tapered edges of this blending brush support the buffing and blending of product into the skin. Whether you want a smokey eye, a highlighted brow bone, or for a bit of extra coverage under your eyes, this brush will do the trick!

Wing It - Large Angle Liner Brush

✓ Precision application

✓ For liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow

✓ Wing your liner or buff out eyeshadow

For the classic cat eye, the tapered cut and shape of this handy tool makes creating a feline flick easy. With soft synthetic bristles, you can also buff out liquid and powder products at the eye line for a delicate finish.

To The Point - Small Concealer Brush

✓ Precision application

✓ For concealer, eyeshadow, and highlighter

✓ Apply, layer up, or blend

With the perfect shape to fit into any contour of your face, To The Point is ideal for brightening your under eyes and concealing blemishes. It’s also great for laying and packing eyeshadow on the mobile lid (the part that moves), for when you want a pop of colour.

Pucker - Travel Lip Brush

✓ Blends seamlessly

✓ For lipstick and lipliner

✓ Travel-friendly lid

When it’s time to paint your pout, this small brush with tightly packed synthetic bristles is perfect for buffing your liner and lipstick. Layer up for a bold lip or blend for a subtle finish. With a lid you can snap back on after you use it, you’ll be able to touch up wherever you go.

U-N-I-BROW - Double Ended Brow Brush

✓ Targeted application

✓ For brow makeup

✓ Define and add texture to brows

U-N-I-BROW is great, whether you want an Instagram brow or a more natural look. 

It has a spoolie at one end to brush through brow hairs, and an angled brush at the other to add detail.

  Get In There - Small Liner Brush

✓ Targeted application

✓ For eyeliner and eyeshadow

✓ For tight lining or faux freckles

Get In There makes the trickier details feel like light work. Eye lining, tight lining, free-hand details, whatever you’re aiming for, the small pointed hairs on this brush will hit the target.

Blur In Love - Pencil Brush

✓ Blends seamlessly

✓ For eyeshadow and highlighter

✓ For targeted application and blending eyeshadow

This Pencil Brush is great to smudge or blend your eyeliner or eyeshadow for a sultry smokey eye or to layer up product, adding depth to the crease of your eyelid. Blur In Love has the ability to effectively blend powder or cream eyeshadow, thanks to its tightly packed, short synthetic bristles.

BFF - Large Buffing Brush

✓ Blends seamlessly

✓ For liquid or cream foundation

✓ Work foundation into the skin

Count on this brush to put in the work for your base. With a round, dome-shaped head, it works hard to buff liquid and cream foundation into the skin for a natural finish. The tapered synthetic hair allows for seamless blending for all-over even coverage.


Share your brush haul and the makeup looks you create with them and hashtag #LushMakeup.

To explore the full makeup range, head here.

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about 1 year ago

So, is the Flat Foundation Brush the best to use with SlapSticks?