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Wake up! Morning routines to start your day

Need to slay the day? We’ll help you go from sleeping beauty to bright eyed and bushy tailed, no matter how long you’ve got to get going. Ready?

No time

Jump out of bed and stumble to the bathroom?

Step 1: Wash up with Outback Mate, a soap packed full of Eucalyptus Infusion and Peppermint Oil; bright and tingly fresh! 

Step 2: Dirty Toothy Tabs for fresh breath on-the-go. Now, you might simply be keeping your own company today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to feelin’ good, smellin’ good. 

Step 3: Swipe on Aromaco Solid Deodorant and a spritz of Dirty Body Spray and you’re good to go! 

Our DJ recommends: Only time for one track, we got you - Alleyway by Life in Film, the first track on their album Here It Comes. 


Some time

Stay, just a little bit longer.

Step 1: Jump in the shower and your blood starts pumping! Get going with invigorating Whoosh Shower Jelly - top tip, if you want a really bright start to your day, this is perfect straight out of the fridge. With the silky seaweeds in Whoosh, softening showers are just one more step away with Buffy Body Butter.

Step 2: Have you met New? Who? New! New Shampoo Bar boosts shine and stimulation of your scalp for healthy hair growth. Top off with American Cream; a nourishing strawberry milkshake for your hair, or Big pressed conditioner for more va va voom.

Step 3: Face it, you want those scrubs. Ocean Salt Facial Scrub is exfoliating and reviving and makes you feel fresh AF. Hop out of the shower and spritz your face with enzymatic cleansing and toning Tea Tree Toner Water. Life hack: this spray also works as a refreshing, clarifying boost for your skin during the day. To keep your skin happy, light and carefree, smooth on some Vanishing Cream moisturiser.

Step 4: Bare is beautiful but if you’re looking for a touch more, why not finish with a swipe of Slapstick - pick from one of our forty shades of foundation, all with buildable coverage - and softly highlight with Feeling Younger. Done!

Our DJ recommends:  Flight by Afro Celt Sound System - a fusion of international folk music, blistering beats and boundless energy. 


All the time!

Easy like a Sunday morning

Step 1: Okay, so today we’ve got all the time in the world and we’re dedicating it to refreshing and reviving ourselves so let’s start with a dip in a bright, bubbly bath. Think Avobath Bath Bomb; uplifting lemongrass and softening olive oil, Brightside Bubble Bar; bubbles galore with bergamot and tangerine oil.

Prefer a long, hot shower? Hey, no judgement! Try Happy Hippy, one of our absolute favourite shower gels and a zesty wake up call for all. Pair with a Not Sleepy Shower bomb; sending sluggish moods packing and anxiety AWOL. Finally keep it soft with Ro’s Argan, a decadent floral body conditioner - just smooth on and rinse off.

Step 2: What’re you gon’ do with all that hair? We like it big and bouncy so start with Roots Hair Treatment and Big Shampoo to turn up the volume. Follow with American Cream Conditioner and Revive Hair Moisturiser to keep the softness. To finish, bring out your hair’s natural texture with a spritz of Sea Spray.

Step 3: Face it, you need to prep the canvas right. Start with 7 to 3 cleansing wipe, followed by Mask of Magnaminty to freshen and clarify. Spread a little Dirty Shaving Cream, if that’s your jam. Follow with a spray of Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water, and Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser for a richer treat. Dab Grease Lightning on any pesky spots to take them down a peg.

Step 4: You’re some body to love so keep it moisturised with Pansy Body Lotion - a light layer of citrus goodness and keep those feet fresh with T For Toes. Finish up with a mist of Fresh As Perfume; with bracing fir needle absolute and hints of balsamic benzoin resinoid you’ll soon be feeling fresh as… 

Step 5: Don’t forget those pearly whites! If the brief is fresh and fragrant, here’s the plan: Boom Toothy Tabs for a spicy cola refresh, followed by minty Creme de Menthe Mouthwash

BONUS TRACK: Need more of boost? Get your face on with our multitasking Slapsticks and Trix Stix to make you feel a million, even in your pjs. Go beyond the selfie - this is makeup that’s good for the skin. Throw on a power wing, with metallic Abalone Liquid Eyeliner, and get Lush lashes with Eyes Right Mascara. Boom. Go all the way and prep your pout with Cookie Dough lip scrub, a touch of Key Lime Pie Lip Balm and a slick of Los Angeles lipstick.

Our DJ recommends: Hymns in the Key of 666 by Hellsongs. Stripped back covers of heavy metal classics to clear your mind and refresh you ready for the day.  


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