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Watch this space

Like a spa treatment, but astronomically better.

Featuring Lush palm reading, film-score style musical composition and a gravity-defying lifted facial, The Planets takes you on a very personal, immersive journey out of this world.

'We look after our bodies, our muscles and our skin but we rarely connect the body with the mind. The Planets releases tension in the body whilst completely decluttering the mind so the client has space to be more creative, more ambitious and more fun,’ says Hannah Lammiman, part of the team behind The Planets.

The Planets

‘When you hear the word ‘planets’ you don’t think small, you think big, you think galactic!’

Heads above the rest

Like a cartographer, your therapist maps the body from head to toe, identifying the areas of mental pressure that correspond to bodily tensions. Lady Helen Kennedy, a strategic behavioural hypnotherapist and Fellow of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, provided the invaluable expertise that shaped the treatment. ‘We talk about things being a “pain in the neck” without considering that this phrase comes from somewhere. If we don’t give things enough thought they can get stuck not just subconsciously but physiologically too’.

During the first phase of the experience – a full body massage – you are invited to talk. You can speak as much (or as little) as you like and as you do your stresses lessen both physically and mentally.

It really is that simple.

Stellar soundtracks

When Simon Emmerson and Simon Richmond, the record producers and musicians at the heart of every Lush spa soundtrack, were composing the music for The Planets, they were imagining the soundtrack to your life.

‘What we did for the first part is we tried to write a film score, and it is really surprisingly heroic at times. We wanted to give people a sense of support; no matter how tough things are you can get through it. And then to go out into moments of complete calm and tranquillity as the massage takes effect and the music reflects what’s happening in your body’ says Emmerson.

Inspiration for The Planets was also drawn from a uniquely British source. The pair looked to composer Gustav Holst’s suite of the same name and used it as a springboard for their own musical interpretations of the solar system. 

They collaborated with Simon Hale (a man whose mantelpiece boasts a BAFTA and whose work has won a Tony award) to bring the score to life with a 36-piece orchestra. Talented composer, arranger and violinist John Metcalfe next took the helm as the orchestra swelled in size to 43 musicians. Topping it all off was London Voices, the renowned choral singers behind the Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings soundtracks.

What was the result? A three-hour score that’s fitting for any dialogue.

This is a huge, incomparable endeavour for spa soundtracks. For Richmond it perfectly complements the experience, ‘When you hear the word ‘planets’ you don’t think small, you think big, you think galactic!

Cards on the table

The Planets is a personal journey into outer and inner space. It’s also an exploration of the past, present and future.

Delving into the past in the first phase is a little like opening a drawer. You search its contents and tidy them, ready to move forward. Reflecting on the personality traits visible in your hands then provides a fantastic chance to think introspectively about who you are in the present, here and now.

It’s a fun twist on the traditionally future-looking focus of palmistry. It’s also an ideal time to enjoy some of the added magical surprises we create for each Lush spa experience (but, we won’t spoil those for you by saying more!)

For the grand finale, it’s time to relax. To send the client into the future, the therapist re-educates the facial muscles with a gravity defying massage that gives a lift to both the skin and the mind.

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