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Wave goodbye, say hello: new for 2017

Yes, the rumours are true: in order to make room on the shelves for some exciting new additions, it’s time to wave cheerio to the latest batch of products going to that great bathtub in the sky.

Say your fondest farewells to the following:


Lava Lamp


Tisty Tosty


Big Bang

Pop in the Bath

Pink Flamingo

Yuzu and Cocoa

Razzle Dazzle

Sea Monster Fun

Rub Rub Rub Solid

Sugar Scrub

Refresher Jelly

93 000 Miles Jelly

Comforter Shower Gel

Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Gel

African Paradise

Dr Dandy

The Plumps

Veerapan Moustache Wax

Twinkle Toes

Strawberry Feels Forever

From Dusk Til Dawn

Shades of Earl Grey

Yes Yes Yes





Love Lettuce

Million Dollar Moisturiser

Ambosia (both sizes)

Five O’Clock Whistle (both sizes)

Sunkissed Lip Tint

It Started with a kiss Lip Tint

Strawberry Bombshell Lip Tint

Passion Fruit Lip Balm

Buttered Brazils Lip Balm

Popcorn Lip Scrub

Bling Toothy Tabs

Oral Pleasure Toothy Tabs

Atomic Toothy Powder

Layer Cake


What? But how will I cope without [insert favourite product]?

Change is tough but necessary if we’re going to keep bringing you exciting new inventions and ensure the products you enjoy are the best they can be.  Thankfully, some very exciting new products are launching soon that are sure to tickle your fancy...

Wait, did you say ‘new’?

Yes, we did. Never fear, exciting new products are on the horizon and coming soon to a shop (and a site) near you. Meet the new kids on the block here, including the super fresh Jelly Bombs and luxurious new Jelly face masks

Anything else?

We couldn't possibly say. Well, maybe just a clue. It's not long till the Creative Showcase where the lid will be lifted on a mountain of thrilling products and let's just say that Christmas is looking rather naked! Oh dear, have we said too much?  

Stay tuned and follow Lush CosmeticsEN and @LushCosmeticsEN for the latest product news.


Comments (466)


about 5 months ago

PLEASE RECONSIDER MAKING the Million Dollar Moisturizer or British Nanny. The other moisturizers you have now are not as efficient I tried all and none are as good as the million dollar especially because they are without SPF. How can you stop producing such good products which have high demand on. I cant find an alternative, so sad :(

about 2 years ago

I agree with the HUNDREDS of others. The Million Dollar Moisturizer with spf has been my favorite for years. I pick up several containers when I go to France, and once ordered directly from Great Britain. You HAVE to start making it again. I don't understand - with the demand so high, WHY THE HELL DON'T YOU MAKE IT AGAIN? I have only one partial container left and have not found a satisfactory substitute. PLEASE reconsider. WHY DIDN'T YOU AT LEAST GIVE ME ENOUGH ADVANCE NOTICE SO I COULD BUY SOME AND STOCK UP? I am very very very upset.

about 2 years ago

Devastated!...British Nanny Million Dollar Moisturiser UNBELIEVABLE! Looking as though you will be losing this customer for moisturiser Lush...A loyal purchaser of both these products. Dare I ask what is the closest alternative to Million Dollar before I walk?

about 2 years ago

Interesting to see that Lush have just ignored all of their customers comments about Million Dollar Moisturiser - Especially the loyal and long standing customers who have been willing to pay the higher prices for 'quality products'. When taking the only facial moisturiser with SPF off the market, you would think an alternative would have been created as SPF plays such an important role in skin care. Lush started out as a unique business, but now its starting to look like a gimmick.


about 2 years ago

Have to agree with other people in this post and their disappointment, as an avid fan of Million Dollar and it being a product that quite literally saved my skin, confidence and depression. 'Change Is Tough But Necessary' is a bit of a understatement when you are discontinuing a product that a lot of people rely on (especially when the other products in the Moisturiser range do not have the same properties) and unfair to say so whimsically when there are a lot of loyal customers who have bought into it and your brand so frequently. It might sound ridiculous, but my skin has literally never been worse since trying to find a replacement. Its so upsetting to think about the fact that there are clearly a lot of other people in this position, but you decided that you would rather people be in this position than keep the product on because 'change is good'? I wouldn't say thats customer care or a way to treat the people that have used and loved and spread the word about your products.


about 2 years ago

I am really, really, really gutted Million Dollar Moisturiser has been discontinued. I suffer with incredibly fussy skin, I have Rosacea and am prone to acne as well as a greasy T-Zone and dry cheeks. My skin would get so bad I would get depressed at being in my 30's whilst having the skin of a teenager. I dreaded facing the mirror every morning and evening for my regime as I had to deal with how bad my skin was. Then I came across Million Dollar Moisturiser. Good bye red face. Good bye acne. Good bye depression. I could not believe how much my skin improved! I could feel confident and proud again. Plus protected from the sun, a bonus for Rosacea sufferers. So when I went to stock up on Million Dollar Moisturiser a few months ago, my heart sank to find out it was discontinued. I've tried sampling many of your moisturisers (Skin Drink leaves my forehead and nose unbearably greasy, Magical Moringa leaves a horrible powder on my face, Skin's Shangri La left skin too dry as did celestial etc. etc.). I hoped after a few months my skin would adjust (I have been trying Skin Drink for a while now), but it just gets worse and worse, and my confidence is starting to slump. I have been a loyal Lush customer for gosh, must be about 15 years now and have come to try to use Lush for as much as possible (shampoo, conditioner, bath bombs, grease lightening, eye cream, hair masks, face masks, face moisturiser, body cream, face soap, birthday and Christmas gifts, I even arranged my friend's hen party at Lush), but the main product that I depend on, and this is the absolute truth, is Million Dollar Moisturiser. I really hope you bring back Million Dollar Moisturiser. I understand you are a business, and need to make ends meet, but it does seem unfair to discontinue something you must be aware people have come to depend on. I imagine (but could be wrong) that things like bath bombs, shower gels, body cream and many other things aren't things people will frequently depend on, even if they come to love them, so don't see a major issue with these things gett ing a refresh, but as I see in this thread, so many people came to depend on Million Dollar, and that's just the people who are aware of this thread. I really hope you'll reconsider not only the discontinuation of Million Dollar, but your approach of discontinuing products altogether as the people this will impact most is your loyal customers. Now I am aware that at any point you could discontinue any product at any time, I am beginning to question my ongoing loyalty and have begun buying products elsewhere (my conditioner for example) where I can trust that if I find something I like, it won't suddenly disappear. I hope you bring Million Dollar Moisturiser back, I don't want to end a good thing! Sharon

about 2 years ago

I miss the million dollar face moisturiser. Please bring back a face moisturiser with SPF!


about 2 years ago

I have very difficult skin to tame, and million dollar moisturiser was the only thing that made my skin stable - added bonus of it being SPF30 - now it is no longer... :( No doubt I will be back to breakouts and grim-looking skin, rather than the soft, dewy tones I got from MDM. And now you've changed The Olive Branch too - it's all gloopy and doesn't smell as fresh. Sorry Lush, but you're losing your fan base that got you to where you are today... I've been a loyal customer for nearly 20 years, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to look elsewhere for my beauty products :(


about 2 years ago

Sorry to see Million Dollar Moisturizer gone! Will you be introducing a new SPF?


about 3 years ago

I don't feel like anything can phase me anymore since space girl disappeared