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We got that Swag-ger jagger: Redefining feel-good, sustainable fashion

We can be a choosy bunch, and fashion changes fast, but keeping our finery fresh can be a costly business - for the planet as well as our wallets.

Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to mean hessian shirts and hemp socks. Lush are committed to selling ecologically-green and ethically-clean fashion and accessories, so you can look and feel good every day.

It’s easy to forget that the clothes we wear and things we use regularly have an impact on the environment and the community, but they do. Your wardrobe choices can help to fight pollution, pesticides and the mistreatment of workers, and help to create a greener, kinder future for all. But how?

Fierce fashion

Going organic doesn’t just work for your fruit and veg, Lush have teamed up with some like-minded folk to make fashion which is clean and sustainable. So next time you’re trying to find out which sweater is better, try some oh-so-soft organic cotton swag for size.

Where did you come from, where did you go?

You’ll find it in your clothes, bed sheets, book bindings, coffee filters, bandages and more, but do you ever think about where your cotton comes from? This universal material may be useful, but it can also come with many environmental and social consequences.

Cotton crops are one of the main offenders when it comes to the use of chemicals, with 22.5% of all insecticides and 9-10% of pesticides used globally on agricultural crops (Pesticide Action Network.)

The use of chemicals isn’t just damaging for the environment, it can also be extremely detrimental to those who farm it, with many cotton farmers suffering from pesticide poisoning each year.

Additionally, cotton farming has the largest water footprint in the clothing supply chain. “Make Each Choice Count” by The National Geographic revealed that just one cotton t-shirt can use up to 2,700 litres of water.

But cotton farming doesn’t have to cost the earth or compromise the health of those producing it. Lovers of soft swag needn't worry, as Lush have joined forces with suppliers who only use ethically sourced, organic cotton and other sustainable materials.

Pack up your troubles in your old swag bag

According to a report by Mintel: “The introduction of the 5p levy on plastic bags in the UK in October 2015 led to a 78% reduction in the number of bags given away by Tesco alone in the first month.” That’s an impressive figure.

A piece of arm candy is an investment for the long run, saving you those pesky 5p charges and reducing waste. That’s why Lush have created a range of cotton totes for you to heave your haul in style.

Hit the source

Lush swag is designed in-house, but produced by the following carefully-selected, earth-conscious company.


Started by Isle of Wight based brothers, Rob and Mart, Rapanui are built on sustainable ethics. Using materials such as organic cotton, this environmentally savvy company make clothing that supports a greener fashion future. Harnessing renewable energy, their factory in India is run by its own wind turbine, while the UK factory is powered by its very own solar farm.

Offering complete traceability, they allow customers to see every section of the supply chain on a traceability map, and give creatives and start up businesses the chance to use their low-waste printing technology free of charge.

Rapanui work to constantly maintain and improve their business, adhering to their core values of open technology, traceability, low carbon, ethical, organic and circular economy. You can read more about their work here.

Get your swag on

From bags to patches and sweatshirts, you can be confident that your next accessory is ethically sourced and looking after the planet and its makers.

Dedicated followers of fashion and eco warriors can bag some swag knowing that these threads are are helping to weave a more sustainable supply chain. Browse the collection here.

Comments (4)

about 3 years ago

Thanks for the never-ending ethical education! I love learning about your production efforts! <3


about 3 years ago

please rerelease the patches and maybe have a way to be notified when they are restocked !


about 3 years ago

Restock the love yourself shirt please!!


about 3 years ago

I second this! along with the patch
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