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What is a body milk?

Ready to milk it for all it’s worth? We’ve got a whole collection of body milks and lotions, flaunting some of your favourite Lush fragrances, heading your way. They’ve landed exclusively online and in the perfume library in Liverpool, ready for you to get your hands on them.

With small, limited handmade batches crafted in our home of Poole, these body lotions and body milks provide a tactile scent-sation for everyone. They pair the effectiveness of our softening skin care with the mood-enhancing power of perfume. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of a decadent rich cream or something on the lighter side of life, you’ll find your perfect match.


Beyond your wildest creams

So what exactly is a body milk? Basically, it’s a lighter, looser cream that’s easily absorbed by the skin. Don’t worry though, there’s no dairy in these bottles of joy. All of them are vegan and infused with the power of fresh, vibrant ingredients. 

Body milks are perfect if you like to feel moisturised, but prefer a subtler touch. You’ll be left beautifully perfumed with essential oils and softened by ingredients such as organic extra virgin olive oil and aloe vera. 

Body lotions are slightly richer without being heavy. As you work in the lotion, you’ll feel a protective layer of butters and oils sit on the skin for a bit longer before being absorbed. They’re ideal for the change of seasons as we tip into autumn and the colder weather means our skin needs a little more attention. If you’re a fan of lots of moisture, these ones are for you.

You can use body milks in exactly the same way as body lotions, working them into clean, dry skin with your hands and allowing them to settle and soak in. An ideal step for after a bath or a shower, they will complete your skincare routine perfectly.  


It just makes scents

It’s not just about moisture. Each milk and lotion is imbued with the beautiful fragrances of our perfume range and will leave your skin scented. Fragrances sing on the skin, and with the addition of butters and oils take on a different character, lingering around for just a little bit longer than your standard spray. 

A whole plethora of fine fragrances grace these pots with their presence, allowing you to fill your world with perfume in a different way than a spritz from a bottle. If you’ve always been a fan of our intoxicatingly heady jasmine fragrance, Lust, then why not reach for Lust body lotion? Here, you’ll find a blend of hydrating almond oil and fair trade organic cocoa butter softens the skin while enhancing the perfumed power of rose, jasmine and vanilla absolutes to leave you smelling sultry.

Perhaps instead you want the autumnal smokiness of patchouli with a bubblegum hit? Tank Battle perfume is a gritty bubble pop waiting to be explored in Tank Battle body milk. Apple infusion and organic extra virgin olive oil create a light milk ready to be absorbed into the skin, depositing the warming fragrance of clove bud oil and the sweet amber resin of labdanum. 

There’s a cream for every occasion, and many are waiting to be discovered, so why not explore the full range and see which ones take your fancy! It really is the stuff that creams are made of

Comments (4)

about 1 year ago

I'm so grateful that I got Kerbside Violet but OH MAN did I want Tank Battle! I hope it makes it's way back soon....and hopefully to the states

about 1 year ago

It's very disappointing that these sold out immediately online and won't be restocked. Yet according to this article they will still be produced for the Liverpool store. If products are still in production, why can't you make them also available (in limited batches if necessary) online? What is the point of only stocking them in one store yet promoting them worldwide on this webpage?

Lush Customer Care

about 1 year ago


Hello! I can definitely pass on that you would like to see the body lotions and milks make a return! Our Liverpool shop is a special flagship shop that stocks exclusive products so they have a few things that aren't available online. This can be for a few reasons, but if a product is particularly popular it's always possible that we could see it widely available again.


about 1 year ago

I was disappointed to see they are not self preserving. I thought lush was working towards paraben free, something not harmful for our bodies. Does lush care more about preserving our environment than preserving our precious bodies?