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What to expect at the Lush Summit 2017

So much to see and so much to do! Spend your time wisely with this handy guide to what’s what at this spring’s Lush Summit.


The Main Stage

Get the latest Lush news, important business updates and a few surprises by taking an early seat in the Main Stage area. With speakers like Climate Outreach Information Network founder George Marshall, The Eden Project's Tim Smit and many, many more, you'll want a good view. 

Show Business Stage

It’s time to think outside the box! Creative thinkers and learning experts from inside and outside of the business are here to provide workshops, experiments and presentations on subjects including improvisation in the workplace, navigating change, gratitude, resilience, intuitive collaboration, and creativity & diversity at work. Stop by to pick up new skills or polish tricks of the trade.

See what's on offer at the Show Business Stage here.

Record & Book Nook

Find an oasis of calm at the Lush Summit. Here you can browse books on subjects ranging from fiction to business to poetry, amongst other things. One may have been chosen for its influence on the creation of a bath bomb, another for its business advice, and another for its personal inspiration.

Not sure where to start?

Try these three inspiring reads for the summit, or take this bibliotherapy quiz.

And while you’re in the Record & Book Nook, why not take some time to relax, immerse yourself in music and enjoy the full ECC experience? Sit, listen and absorb. With live performances from Jackie Oates, Ben Murray & Rosie Doonan and Duotone, you can even meet a few of our much-loved musicians.

Spa Installation

Intrigue and engage your senses by passing through this immersive singing bowl exhibition created with art installation specialists Felix’s Machines for a moment of calm.Using Raspberry Pi interfaced with Arduino computers and motion sensors, the exhibit musically responds to movement, surrounding you with the sound of beautiful handmade Tibetan singing bowls. The result is a powerful and immersive sonic walkway through the exhibit.

Gain a little taste of what’s to come by checking out Felix’s Machines’ previous work.

The Karma Reveal Room

Introducing Karma, a four-handed, full-body massage that encourages you to slow down and unwind in order to return to life with renewed drive and focus. Treatment developers and spa therapists will be on hand to talk to you about this exciting new launch, reveal the exclusive products used for the treatment and unveil new digital designs for the online spa pages and voucher packs. Don't miss this behind-the-scenes peek at the latest treatment from the Lush spa.

Conservation Room

Conservation and environmental protection is a broad and vast subject often entangled with polarised and conflicting views. At LUSH, we support and help those fighting hard to end illegal, damaging and just downright wrong environmental practices that see some of our most cherished landscapes and special places disappear and the wildlife that wholly depends on it.

For the LUSH Summit we've brought together a collection of people who've been busy campaigning hard in different areas, from individuals stopping the mass illegal killing of birds in the Mediterranean, activists exposing the cruel and vile 'trophy hunting' scene in North America and organisations battling to keep environmental legislation from going down the pan. So, for a whole series of inspiring talks, interactive Q&A sessions and workshops come and say hi to our conservation team!

Find out more about who will be in the Conservation Room.

Visitors to the Conservation Room will also have the opportunity to buy Drop Of Hope Soap and Skydancer - Far From The Madding Guns bath bomb with all proceeds (minus VAT) going to the charities taking part in the Lush summit.

Digital Ethics Room

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more - there are plenty of reasons to go online nowadays but not enough information about what happens when you do. Stop by the Digital Rights Room to visit the digital helpdesk and see just how the government tracks your device, learn about the Error 404 campaign and chat to speakers and activists on the issues affecting the virtual generation.

Visitors to the Digital Ethics Room will also have the opportunity to buy Error 404 bath bomb with all proceeds (minus VAT) going to the charities taking part in the Lush summit.

Animals in Servitude Room

Millions of animals worldwide are born into this world already in slavery - whether that be farm animals that are breed to be eaten, vivisection animals born to be experimented on, pets born and traded to meet mankind's emotional needs, or horses and dogs born for sport. The list of how humankind uses and abuses animals is bleak and almost endless. This room explores some of the ways that animals are used - and some of the campaigns you can join to help give animals worldwide a voice.

Learn more about who will be in the Animals In Servitude Room.

Do come along and see the many ways you can turn sad situations into positive action and speak out for the rights of animals to have lives free from harm, use and abuse.

Visitors to the Animals In Servitude room will have the chance to pick up Fox and May Day bath bombs with all proceeds (minus VAT) going to the charities taking part in the Lush summit.

War & Poverty Room

A room with no borders; you are at home, share your stories. Use your voice for others while the world chooses to shut its eyes and ears.

Discover who you'll find in the War & Poverty Room.

Visitors to the War & Poverty Room will also be able to exclusively pick up Hand Of Friendship soap and Bugsplat bath bomb with all proceeds (minus VAT) going to the charities taking part in the Lush summit.

Human Rights Room

Human rights affect us all. Take part in a series of workshops, film screenings and talks run by activists and charities or embark on a walking tour around London to learn about how your own and others’ rights are being compromised and what you can do to take action.

Find out about the charities and groups you’ll find in the Human Rights Room.

Visitors to the Human Rights Room will also be able to exclusively pick up Stand Up For Your Rights soap with all proceeds (minus VAT) going to the charities taking part in the Lush summit.

Earth Care Room

Looking after our planet has never been more important. Come to the Earth Care Room to learn about how we can all reduce our impact on the Earth by embracing waste reduction techniques like energy efficiency, water filtration and recycling.

Charity Pot timeline

Giving is better than receiving, even when it’s your tenth birthday. Celebrate a decade of Charity Pot with highlights including donation videos, stories and a timeline. Giant Charity Pot tubs also provide the perfect selfie opportunity.

Food Sovereignty Room

Join us in promoting the voices of small producers, food justice activists and local growers. In this room, you can experience the history of our foods through taste, touch and story in The Food Journey. Get skilled up in growing, juicing and preserving workshops.

Learn more about the speakers and groups you'll find in the Food Sovereignty Room.

Climate & Energy Room

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. Don't despair. Get informed, get inspired and get active with friendly climate activists from around the world.

Learn more about the charities and speakers who you'll find in the Climate & Energy Room.

Visitors to the Climate & Energy Room will also be able to pick up brand new invention Grass shampoo bar with all proceeds (minus VAT) going to the charities taking part in the Lush summit.

Careers Room

We believe in a Business With No Borders. Come and join us in the Careers space to meet some of our worldwide recruiters, learn about our placement programmes, discover more about our newest factory in Germany and see how far and wide your role can take you!

Lush Lounge

Sit down, take a breather. The Lush Lounge is your dedicated relaxation space for when you need to take the weight off your feet or plan your next move. For your chance to win one of the 45-minute-long bibliotherapy sessions taking place here, drop [email protected] a line telling us exactly why you deserve that slot!

The Summit New Room

What do you get when a team of Lush inventors are challenged to whip up 30 entirely new products in the same number of days? We've been working our magic in the labs to bring you something extra special. Step into this mysterious space filled to bursting with brand new inventions. See them here first, tell all of your friends and be sure to come back for another sniff!

Knot Wrap Room

Begin your journey into the art of fabric wrapping, and discover the endless possibilities of furoshiki at the Knot Wrap Booth. Originally used to wrap up clothes by visitors to sento (public bath houses), the Japanese have been using furoshiki to wrap gifts and other items for centuries, meaning this sustainable practice is definitely worth celebrating.  Stop by to snap a selfie, and for knot wrap masterclasses just in time for Valentine’s Day

Easter Space

Spring is on its way! Enter a world of pure imagination filled with brand new Easter treats. Not just for those with a sweet tooth; get hands-on with 2017’s Easter range and prepare to get egg-cited!

Mother's Day and Father's Day Space

Do you ever need an excuse to spoil your mum or dad? Whether you’re Best Friends, they're your Yummy Mummy or just the person who has been there when you needed them most, be sure to Take Five, explore our Mother’s Day range and say a massive thank you to them in our exclusive 'Thank Tank'.

Plus anyone can be a Superdad! Explore the Father’s Day collection and celebrate the awesome man in your life, who looks after you and helps keep you on the right track.

Valentine’s Day Room

Spread the love with 2017's Valentine's collection as we delve into sumptuous scents and celebrate self care. Indulge by taking your own time and embracing that love, really is, all around.

See the Valentine's Day collection here.

#BathArt Area

Artists of the 21st century don’t paint with watercolours. Their tools are dazzling lustres and PET-free glitters, vibrant colours from the deepest metallics to the softest pastels. No easel or sketch pad for a canvas, but a freshly drawn bath, still as glass, in anticipation of a sodium bicarbonate explosion. Stop by the #BathArt space to experience an explosion of colour and fragrance.

Scented Cinema

Red is dead,

Blue is through,

Green's obscene,

Brown's taboo…

One of our favourite bath bombs has a brand new look for 2017. Bring your Funny Face to our scented cinema to help us celebrate the 60th birthday of the film that inspired Think Pink.


It’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Exclusive new designs await so get 'em while they’re fresh off the printing press! Perfume lovers will also be able to enjoy a sneak preview of Volume 4 and the new range which will be going into Lush shops, as well as enjoying tailored perfume consultations.

Visitors to the shop will also be able to pick up Ro's Argan and The Olive Tree gourmet soaps, truckles made with Slush-funded ingredients from small, sustainable communities around the world, with all proceeds (apart from VAT) going to charities at the event.

Form an orderly queue, ladies and gentlemen...

Comments (4)


about 4 years ago

Will the fox & badger bath bombs be available to purchase from stores soon/near future please? Plus the 'Down with hunts' t-shirts too? Which were available at the summit

about 4 years ago

What are the names of the speakers in the reasons to be cheerful talk at the end? They were all amazing and inspiring. I truly feel better hearing that panel discuss how to be positive with the current political situation.


about 4 years ago

Can't wait! I'm presenting on making knot-wraps out of maps! Can't wait to show-off the new designs we have for Tokyo. See it for the first time at the Knot Wrap room at 1pm Wednesday! David SplashMaps


about 4 years ago

Sorry to miss this. Fly home on the 9th back to Canada. Missed my window for a ticket on the eighth. Hope everyone has fun and it's a big success. I know it will be educational and full of awesome exclusives.