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Who you're FunDing in Japan

10p from every 200g bar of Fun you buy is granted to children’s projects working on the ground in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.​

The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake deprived children of their basic need to play. Working with NGOs in the affected areas revealed that school playgrounds were no-go zones and communal parks and streets were often unusable. Despite best efforts to decontaminate them, children were left with few areas to exercise or socialise with their peers. Computers were a safer, easier option (though unfortunately a far less beneficial one).​​​​

A number of years since the disaster, recovery from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster continues. In this challenging environment, fantastic, dedicated groups have sprung up. These grassroots community initiatives and charities provide children with organised recreational activities and give them the time and space they need to play.

The FunD seeks out groups based on a simple principle: the people best suited to help are already working hands-on in the communities.

So far, you've helped to fund:

Inadani Family Refresh Project

Children in Fukushima live with a very real threat from radiation. Since the nuclear disaster in 2011, 112 children were found to have, or suspected of having Thyroid Cancer.

This four day event will be held in Nagano prefecture, Inadani, in July, and will give parents and children living in the affected areas the chance to safely enjoy nature without fear of radiation.  

Earth Walkers

A project that has supported more than 600 children from Fukushima over the last five years through fun, respite programs. Trips have included a visit to Germany to share experiences, learn about renewable energy and appeal for a nuclear-free society.


An organisation that has been providing annual summer and winter camps for the children of Fukushima since 2011, helping to support the children’s mental and physical health by encouraging them to play hard and grow up freely.

Wanpaku Challenge Hiroshima

A relaxed play space in the mountains and along the coast of Hiroshima for children from the Fukushima region. The program encourages children from the local community to form bonds and enjoy nature by organising beach BBQs, campfires and other outdoor activities.

Tokushima Youth Overseas Cooperation Association

A summer camp for children from Fukushima, giving them a chance to play and learn in outside spaces, think positively about their future and establish conversation between local communities.

“Together with Fukushima children” Kawasaki Citizens Group

This important organisation gives children and families an outdoor area to play and relax in where radiation levels are as low as possible, and establishes support networks amongst former participants. Since 2011, over 685 children and families from Fukushima have been invited to Kawaski, South Tokyo for relief from exposure to radiation.

Children’s House Jamboree Fukushima Executive Committee

A recreational programme that facilitates play within nature and encourages Fukushima children to socialise with one another for a healthy upbringing.

Children City Conference in Nihonmatsu  

Established to support children growing up in the nuclear disaster region and those living in evacuated areas, this project gives children the opportunity to think about and redesign their communities’ futures together through play and education.


To find out even more about FunD, take a look at  'What is the FunD?'

10p from every bar purchased helps children affected by the Fukushima disaster, because time flies when you're having Fun.

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