Why knot wrap?

Who doesn't love unwrapping a gift? The anticipation before opening the present to see what's inside. It's something we all love, at Lush what we don't love is the amount of paper that gets wasted when we give gifts.

In the UK we use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper over the festive period ( that's enough to go around the world nine times!). So what can we use instead of wasting this paper?

Here at Lush we've got some great alternatives with gift giving. Many of our beautiful gifts come in re-useable tins and boxes​.​
​S​ome are wrapped in wonderful recycled paper and one other fantastic solution furoshiki knot-wraps.

A furoshiki is small piece of ornately decorated fabric. Originally used by men to wrap up their clothes when visiting Onsen (Japanese bath house), Japan has been using the furoshiki to wrap items and gifts for centuries and since 2008 we've been using this fantastic concept in the art of gift giving. Furoshikis, which we call knot-wraps, are what we use to wrap up our lovely products creating some wonderful bespoke gifts for 
​everyone​. We have sturdy cotton knot-wraps made from 100% organic cotton we source from India, stunning hand picked vintage wraps and even fabric ones we which we make from recycling plastic bottles.

That's right, we take our plastic bottles, melt them down and spin them into thread to make our very own knot-wraps. Two 250g sized plastic bottles can be transformed into an amazing way to wrap a gift. And we believe these knot-wraps are the way forward for a more ethical and environmental​ly​ sound ways of wrapping items. One of the great advantages to knot-wraps is that they can be used over and over again.  Up-cycling and reusing a fabric knot-wrap saves up to 22 times the amount of energy used in producing traditional wrapping paper.

The wonderful thing about these wrapping treats is that they are so adaptable. When it comes to wrapping an item you have flexibility and stability from fabric. Bottles can become works of art, every gift given can be uniquely tied and personally finished. The knot-wraps themselves can be used in so many ways after you open your gift too. Traditionally in Japan furoshikis are returned to the gift giver so that they can be used again.  Knot-wraps can be used in the same way or up up-cycled in which ever way you wish. Turned into bags, used as accessories, pinned on walls​ ​as decorations​, there are plenty of uses for these fabric wonders.

So come and join the knot-wrapping revolution, help us save the environment and give somebody a gift they will never forget. There are plenty of handy videos on line to help you with your wrapping skills, you can even pop into your local Lush shop and any of our friendly staff will show you how to tie a knot-wrap in style. Wrapping gifts can be something done with your friends and family, knot-wraps can be used over next year, passed onto someone new. Soon you'll be the envy of all your pals when you present them with a gift where the wrapping has been given as much attention, love and care as the gift hidden inside.

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about 3 years ago

having loved Origami and playing with fabric since a little girl, the natural progression to exploring Furushiki (wrapping with materials) seems a no-brianer in retrospect ! when working as a Christmas Elf temp at LUSH Northampton in 2015 I jumped at the chance to knot wrap!! Eco, Environmentally friendly, creative AND beautiful...what could be better ! Give the gift of inspiration, change and good karma AS WELL AS A PRESENT ! Yeeeeeee!xxx