Wrap and go

Pack your naked products in our new, limited-edition Knot-Wraps this summer — they’ll get you through airport security in a flash, and help you find your hotel when you land...

Knot-wraps are inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition of furoshiki, the art of wrapping in fabric. Our decorative fabric squares make gifts extra special — they’re a versatile and environmentally-sound alternative to wrapping paper and sticky tape, and they can be tied in lots of creative ways to make your gifts look gorgeous. Once unwrapped, they can be used again to wrap more gifts, or up-cycled as accessories, wall hangings — and now, even maps.

This summer, we’ve collaborated with SplashMaps, who make innovative, wearable, washable fabric maps, which are perfect for walkers, cyclists or city sightseers. Unlike paper maps, they’re easy to fold, won’t fall apart in the rain, and you can wear them as a scarf or put them in your pocket when you’re spending time outdoors. When used as a Knot-Wrap, they’re also the perfect way to store soap, shampoo bars and solid conditioners ready to pack in your carry-on bag — you won’t have to worry about decanting liquids into tiny plastic bottles when you can simply wrap and go.

Our new, limited-edition Knot-Wraps are perfect for short city breaks, when most of us don’t bother to check-in luggage. You can choose from five maps, based on the the most popular European city break destinations: London, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. Each is clearly printed and designed with tourists in mind, so they make it easier to navigate your way around an unfamiliar city.

SplashMaps are the brainchild of the former Innovation Officer at Ordance Survey, and they’re inspired by wartime maps which were printed on parachute silk. During World War II, RAF pilots and Special Forces used these silk escape and evasion maps because, unlike paper, silk is quiet, doesn’t rustle, and is easy to hide or sew inside clothing. They were even smuggled into prisoner of war camps to help troops find their way home.

Our new Knot-Wraps are 70cm square, so the maps are big enough to be easy to read. They’re made from Greenspun fabric, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. These are made into yarn and woven to make a Knot-Wrap.

Using our new Knot-Wraps to store your holiday hair and body products is a convenient, zero-waste alternative to a conventional wash bag packed with leaky plastic bottles — and the handy fabric map means you’ll easily be able to find your way to the nearest LUSH while you’re away.


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about 1 year ago

Please, do a Prague Knot-Wrap - heard of Europe!


about 3 years ago

5 stunning cities are now available from the website and ALL London Lush stores! Let us know if you want anywhere else doing... like a map centred on your house, a ski resort or the deep dark forests of Borneo, try www.splash-maps.com XXX


about 3 years ago

Just ordered the London one and I cannot wait for it to come :D
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