Your disco needs you

Limited Edition

The World's Smallest Disco

Bath Bomb

Your disco needs you
worlds smallest disco christmas bath bomb

We all like a good party, whether it’s boogieing at a bar, shaking what your mama gave ya in a club or dad dancing at a wedding. When you want to celebrate but don't fancy socialising, put on your favourite tunes, forget about throwing shapes and toss this bath bomb into a hot bath instead.

You'll love this if you like:
- Sparkling citrus scents.
- Shooting Stars soap, Golden Pear bath bomb, or Candy Cane reusable bubble bar.
- Strutting your stuff on the dancefloor.

- There’ll be no more crying at the discotheque, watch uplifting lime and grapefruit oils dance in the air as the colours swirl and strobe across your bath.
- Party without the single-use plastic with this naked bath bomb!

How to use: Run your bath, get in, and add your bath bomb. Watch spotlights of colour burst in inky black water as you get down and hit your own private dancefloor (but please don't actually dance in the bath).

How to store: Before you boogie in the bathroom, store this somewhere cool and dry.


About 1 month ago

This bathbomb turns the water into an incredible sparkling galaxy. The water is dark navy, almost black, and has blue and purple sparkles. The smell and softness of the water is gorgeous. It is also really fun to watch fizz as the colours spread out across the water. I LOVE this. One downside - you will need to briefly rinse...

34 Ingredients
Ylang Ylang
Sweet and heady
Add a little pop
Lemon myrtle
Uplifting and refreshing
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About 1 year ago

I fully expected this to smell like either ectoplasm or bubbly/Golden wonder, or perhaps a new smell.
Instead, it’s like an old pub.
Smells like cheap nasty alcopops and sick. Literally, sick.
I’m so unhappy as I was excited to try this... £5.25?? Don’t waste your money.

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About 1 month ago

The art that this bomb creates is phenomenal! The coloured circles break off creating its own colours whilst the bomb creates a midnight black glitter fest underneath. This bomb is simply stunning.


3 weeks ago


About 3 weeks ago

I liked it at first, it was really dark and really really fizzy. I loved it, I shouted my mummy because it was so dark but when we let the plug out it stained the bath. Mummy had to scrub it lots and lots. Next time we are going to buy a light coloured one.

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