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Pop Art


Pop this straight in your basket!
blue and orange patterned present with bath bombs on top on white background

A cosy, comforting duo for those who like to nestle in front of a fire with freshly popped popcorn. Winter can be hard going sometimes, so escape from the cold, light a few candles and run a nice hot bath. Allow the crackle of popping candy to bring to mind a roaring fire as you snuggle down and warm yourself in a rich, cuddly embrace of sweet caramel and festive spices.

This is a Lens Gift! In an effort to reduce the amount of packaging we use, Lens Gifts have been stripped of their ribbons and tags making them perfect for those who want to cut down on their waste. Take a peek inside by downloading the Lush Lens app and scanning the gift with your phone.


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pop art bath bomb christmas 2019
Bath Bomb
I bought me some corn for poppin'
web fireball bath bomb christmas
Bath Bomb
Baby it's cold outside
paper icon
Pulp it
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