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Knot Wrap

Mule love it!
multicoloured donkeys on a dark blue background with flower pattern on them

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Looking for something unique and reusable to use as an Easter basket this year? This colourful Knot Wrap is sure to snap the whip and help you decide. #justbraying.

How to use:
- If you’re looking for a waste-free wrapping option, use this fabric alternative to wrap up your chosen products for a tailor made gift.
- Looking for some inspiration for how to tie your Knot Wrap? Visit this page for some handy tutorials.

- Not only does this reusable Knot Wrap stop traditional wrapping materials going to waste, it can also be used over and over, turning the wrapping into part of the gift itself!
- This cotton gift wrap,designed by the creative team Arthouse Unlimited,  is made with 100% organic cotton grown by farmers who are paid a living wage and use ethical farming practices.

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