116 Grafton Street
Event Time
From 10 April 2015 - 9:00AM
Until 12 April 2015 - 5:00PM
+353 1 677 0392

The cost of caring can be high for animal rights organisations such as Little Hill Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. Treat yourself to a pot of our beautiful Charity Pot body lotion between Friday 10th to 12th April from Lush Cork, Lush Grafton Street or Lush Henry Street and we’ll donate the proceeds to this hardworking organisation.  

Volunteers at the Little Hill Animal Rescue and Sanctuary have spent the winter trying to keep 8000 battery hens warm after saving them from appalling conditions last year. The hens, who spent the first 16 months of their lives in tiny cages, had never so much as stretched their wings, let alone developed feathers to stay warm. When they arrived at Little Hill they required generous amounts of heating as they adjusted to a new life outside battery farming, and the Sanctuary now faces an enormous electricity bill.

In recognition of the compassion Little Hill has shown to these hens, Lush Cork and Dublin will be throwing a Charity Pot party over the 10th to 12th April, when, with your help, we will hopefully be able to raise some money for this wonderful organisation. Rather than dividing the profit of our lovely Fair Trade Columbian cocoa butter body lotion between the grassroots charities we normally support, all proceeds (minus VAT) will go towards Little Hill for these three days in a bid to reduce their bill.

If you would like to show some love to this wonderful organisation pop down to Lush Cork, Lush Henry Street or Lush Grafton Street and celebrate with us! You can find further information about the work of Little Hill Animal Rescue and Sanctuary by clicking here.