A spicy, aniseed, cola blast


Toothy Tabs

A spicy, aniseed, cola blast


“They bring out the brightness in your teeth instantly, and they give your teeth a really clean feel...These are AMAZING, I will definitely be buying more of these.” - hollypearson1996_6939604

“Been using only for a couple of days and am IN LOVE. A substantial difference in terms of cleanliness...My teeth are a lot more whiter!! Would highly recommend to anyone!” - Luke.balding.2000

“I picked these up as a travel-toothpaste so that I wouldn’t have to buy multiple tiny tubes, especially with the ‘liquids/pastes’ restrictions for air travel. I didn’t know what I wanted, but these tabs are great: the taste is pleasant (spicy!), my teeth feel genuinely cleaner than they would with a regular paste, and they’re whiter...Having packaging that can be recycled/re-used seals the deal for me using these tabs a lot more in the future.” - a.l.s.beckett_6771870

How to use: Life is unpredictable, but with gunpowder green tea and charcoal you can be sure of explosive freshness. Nibble a tab between your teeth and brush with a wet toothbrush before spitting and rinsing as normal. Charcoal is a natural abrasive to help remove plaque and is a great alternative to microplastics. With the taste of spicy, cola drinks, fine sea salt, aniseed and black pepper leave your breath fresh.

How to store: Between uses leave within easy reach of your sink for convenient brushing and keep the cap on to keep out moisture. When you’ve used all the tabs, the bottle and cap can both be recycled!

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About 1 year ago

These are an amazing solid version of toothpaste. It is funny how it turns your mouth black. After a few days using the product, I have noticed my teeth are much whiter. The colour is an awesome black, and I love to brush my Teeth with this amazing product. The smell combination smells strongly of Cola, with a wonderful tingle...

19 Ingredients
Warming and stimulating
Black Pepper Oil
Warming and stimulating

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 1 year ago

Firstly, I LOVE lush products. But, as a dental nurse this product slightly horrifies me. I’d love to be able to use them as I hate throwing away plastic toothpaste tubes. However, there’s no fluoride in these. If you don’t want to use fluoride, fine, but no dentist would ever recommend that as it’s proven to fight decay. Worse than that though, these tabs and I think most of the others contain acidic ingredients, such as lime. It’s really bad news to go scrubbing that on your teeth. Sorry lush, not good.

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About 5 months ago

These are perfect for going on holiday if you want to pack lightweight and avoid liquid issues at an airport.

Also - when people say they turn your mouth black - it is worth mentioning that this isn't permanent! The black is just the charcoal and it washes out like any normal charcoal toothpaste.


1 month ago


About 1 month ago

Unfortunately I recently visited Lush in York, I am a long term fan of Lush products however mainly use the shower and bath products. I decided to get a sample of Boom Toothy Tabs - I was quite excited to use them and see the results as charcoal is incredible for brightening teeth. I got 5 in a little sample pot and used them twice Monday followed by Thursday the same week.

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