Turn up the volume


Pressed Conditioner

Turn up the volume
A blue oval conditioner bar

If you like beachy waves and big volume then you and this solid hair conditioner were mermaid for one another. 

Fine sea salt and toothed wrack seaweed let you step into the shower and wash up with bouncy, texturised hair, while jojoba and coconut oil add weightless moisture. A lighter conditioner, Big is fragranced with a blend of uplifting neroli, Sicilian mandarin and orange flower.


  • Adds texture to your locks with fine sea salt. 
  • Increases shine with fresh lemon and lime juice.
  • Cuts back on packaging. This solid hair conditioner is completely naked!

How to use

Hold this bar under the warm water for a few moments then work between your hands to release this conditioner from its solid form. When it’s reached a creamy consistency, massage directly onto wet locks, adding as much product as you desire. Focus on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair then rinse away for post sea swim texture. 

How to store

To enable this solid bar to dry between uses, place this heavenly hydrator somewhere away from water. If you’re travelling you can pop it in a pot or a tin, just be sure to let it dry out before you tuck it away.

26 Ingredients
Cleansing and brightening
Strengthening and revitalising
Uplifting and sunny
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About 2 weeks ago

I strongly recommend this product, which gives my very fine hair a real volume boost. Also, I've only been using it for a short while, but I think it's probably going to last a good length of time, as it takes very little to condition my hair with each wash. It smells lovely too.


6 days ago


About 6 days ago

I have mid-length hair that is greasy at the roots, so I was recommended to try this bar. I've variously tried warming it in the shower, between my hands and soaking in a container with warm water (as recommended by the assistant), but have not succeeded in freeing up anything that would condition my hair. Again, similarly to my review of Angel Hair, it feels like an expensive waste.

5 Reviews
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