Brazilian Orange Oil

Citrus sinensis

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Fresh Orange Juice
Toning sweetness
Products with this ingredient

Sweet orange oil has a cheerful, acidulous scent that immediately lifts the spirits and gives a delicious flavour to products designed for use on the lips. On the skin, this oil is known to be antimicrobial, toning and astringent, leaving the skin looking plumped and refreshed.



Sweet orange trees have glossy, evergreen leaves and thorny branches. They grow fragrant flowers that, once pollinated, turn into a juicy, orange-coloured fruit. Like all citrus fruits, the outer, leathery rind of oranges is filled with essential oil glands.

The main constituent of sweet orange oil is limonene, a zesty aromatic compound. Citrus scents are often considered uplifting and refreshing, but the sweetness of oranges tends to be so cheerful that it actually promotes rest. You feel good, therefore you relax.

Any guesses where Lush source it? Here’s a hint, the clue is in the name; and like many citrus oils, it’s a by-product of the juice and food industry.

Brazilian Orange Oil can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Brazilian Orange Oil can be found in these products
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