Cananga Oil

Cananga odorata

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Ylang Ylang
Highly aromatic
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Cananga is a sensual, floral essential oil made from the second distillation of the Cananga odorata plant. The first distillation yields ylang ylang oil.



Cananga odorata trees can grow up to twenty metres tall with pink, yellow or mauve flowers. It is said that the yellow ones are better for oil extraction.

Cananga oil is a yellow-to-orange, thick and sticky, viscous liquid with a woody, leathery base note odour; ylang ylang, however, is pale and yellow with an intensely sweet and floral odour. The scent is considered heavier than that of ylang ylang.

Cananga oil is used extensively in perfumery and it is highly valued by soap makers.

Cananga Oil can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Cananga Oil can be found in these products
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