Cold Pressed Raspberry Seed Oil

Rubus idaeus

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UV protection
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Studies suggest that raspberry seed oil protects the skin, scalp and hair against UVA and UVB and when combined with a synthetic sunscreen such as Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane its effects will be boosted. The oil is also very soothing and thought to improve skin's elasticity and glow.



The prickly raspberry shrub produces small white flowers in summer followed by the red fruits, which are eaten raw or cooked. Medicinally, raspberries are used externally for numerous kinds of skin conditions; they will soothe itches, burns and infections. The seeds are the little things that always get stuck in your teeth after eating the fruit. They are simply pressed to obtain the golden yellow oil.

The sun is important for our health, helping us to produce vitamin D, which makes us feel happy among other benefits. However, like all good things, we must enjoy it in moderation and avoid extensive exposure as it has been linked with cancers and premature ageing. The best way to avoid it (and to reduce oily puddles of sunscreen floating through the sea during the summer holidays) will always be to cover yourself with clothes and hats - and to stay fresh in the shade during the warmest hours. If you can't avoid going out in the sun then reach for the sunscreen.

Different frequencies of UV light can cause varying types of damage to the skin. UVA exposure penetrates the skin and causes degradation of collagen and elastin fibres, damaging the skin from the inside out, while UVB exposure causes burning and redness. It’s also important to protect the hair and scalp from sun damage. After all, the head is the part of the body that’s closest to the sun and it’s the easiest place to burn. Sun exposure can leave the scalp red, sore and itchy, and it can also result in dry, frizzy hair and colour fade.

Cold Pressed Raspberry Seed Oil can be found in these products
Product with this ingredient
Cold Pressed Raspberry Seed Oil can be found in these products
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Sun care philosophy

It only takes a few simple precautions to enjoy the sun and keep your skin healthy and happy.

Sunscreens are a must if you want to protect your skin whilst you’re out in the sun. Everyone’s skin is different and paler skins are more sensitive to sunlight, so even if you’re wearing sunscreen you might still be susceptible to the damage that UVA and UVB rays can inflict on the skin. In order to stay safe, you just need to take some care, and think about what your skin needs. UV rays can be really harmful, and sometimes the damage isn’t something you’ll notice straight away. It's useful to think about the three lines of defence when it comes to spending time in the sun.

First line of defence:

Ask yourself, should I be out in the sun at this time of the day, or should I be sitting under a shady tree? In lots of countries where the climate is warm, people have a siesta in the middle of the day; a short nap in order to avoid the intensity of the sun’s heat. It’s possible to enjoy the sun in a healthy way, as long as you are considering the dangers of long-exposure – think about your timing rather than avoiding the sun altogether.

Second line of defence:

Cover up. If you know that you’ll be out in the sun, put on a hat or a t-shirt and wear clothing that will protect your skin. If you go swimming in the sea bear in mind that your skin is still susceptible to sun damage, and the water can even intensify the sun’s rays (think of a magnifying glass). You might want to sit outside under an umbrella, or tucked safely in the shade if you’re out during the part of the day when the sun is at its hottest.

Third line of defence:

Sunscreens. If you know that your skin will be exposed to direct sunlight, apply a product with sunscreens to those areas of your body. To maintain the level of protection that you need, you should top up with sunscreen every two hours. Because of the way sunscreens work – by reflecting and dispersing the harmful UVA and UVB rays before they can reach your skin – they lose their effectiveness over time. By topping up every two hours you are refreshing your protection and ensuring that the sunscreens stay powerful. The recommended amount is 2mg per square cm of skin, so make sure you use plenty.

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