Colour 77492

Yellow Iron Oxide
Colour to the people
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Each iron oxide colour is not just a single oxide, but a mix of oxides or ferric oxides (rust) with manganese or coloured clay. Each colour tone can be altered by kiln temperatures, concentration of minerals, pH, and the size of each particle.



Synthetic iron oxides are man-made, but are actually made from natural ores and minerals, and they are widely used in the cosmetic field. They are considered to be non-toxic, moisture resistant, and colourfast.

Iron oxides graded safe for cosmetic use are produced synthetically in order to avoid the inclusion of ferrous or ferric oxides.

The synthetic iron oxides are used because they deliver light fastness and excellent dispersing properties in to the final product and being intense in colour give great depth.


Colour 77492 can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Colour 77492 can be found in these products
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