Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter

Theobroma cacao

Softening and conditioning
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Cocoa butter is a stable and dry butter. It can be used in combination with other natural butters to create rich blends. You will find it across an entire range of cosmetic products, including skin and hair care for its moisturising and conditioning properties.



As well as being highly hydrating, cocoa butter is also a natural emulsifier, meaning it binds oil and water together to create a tight emulsion that leaves little space for microbes to move around and grow. Using cocoa butter enables some products to be self-preserving.

As if it wasn't enough, cocoa butter can also be saponified, along with vegetable oils, to create a thick and creamy soap base, which enables the soap to be more solid to the touch while being soft on the skin as well as avoiding the use of synthetic compounds like sodium stearate which can be used to add firmness to soaps.

A cacao tree yields dark red or brown pods with up to 50 seeds each. To make cocoa butter, the seeds are fermented, which removes their bitterness, then cleaned, roasted and cracked. The resulting cocoa nibs are ground to a thick, oily paste called chocolate liquor.

There are two sources of faire trade and organic butter used throughout Lush product ranges: 

One originates in the Dominican Republic and comes through The Organic Growers Dominican Foundation (FUNDOPO), an umbrella organisation which works with approximately 1,500 farmers. Each grows cocoa on land averaging in size from 1.5-2 hectares and FUNDOPO ensures that these farmers get a fair price for the top-quality cocoa they produce.

The second supplier of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter is The National Confederation of Dominican Cacao Producers (CONACADO): they provide Lush with a non-deodorised butter that boasts a strong chocolatey scent. 10,000 farmers work together under the umbrella of CONACADO.

Much like over at FUNDOPO, COCONADO members have together invested the additional income gained from going Fair Trade to build processing and warehouse facilities to improve the quality of their cocoa, improve and repair schools, and provide technical training to improve yields. 

Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter can be found in these products
Body Lotion
Soothe, calm and hydrate
Body Lotion
Cool bananas; cool skin
Hand Cream
The most magnificent moisture
Foot Lotion
Don't run on empty


The fruits of chocolate

The Organic Growers Dominican Foundation (FUNDOPO) is an umbrella organisation of small producers in the Dominican Republic growing high quality cocoa for fair prices.

Officially set up in 2007 in Villa Altagracia, FUNDOPO unites some 1,500 farmers in distant regions where poverty is widespread and communities rely on cocoa production as their main source of source of income. 

The average farm size is on average just 1.5 to two hectares, with farmers growing a mixture of crops organically to sell at local markets to supplement their income, often growing citrus fruits among the cocoa plants. Some 15 per cent of these farmers are women, who own their land outright, rather than alongside their husbands. 

The cooperative works closely with Yacao, an organisation set up in 1999 to help the small scale farmers generate a good income by producing top-quality cocoa. It works with FUNDOPO to establish long-term relationships with each producer based on Fair Trade principles that includes guaranteeing to buy all the cocoa  at a fair price (although the FUNDOPO farmers are not obliged to sell to Yacao if they prefer to sell it elsewhere) and providing ongoing training. 

Once the cacao fruits are cut from the trees by hand during the two harvesting seasons, they are taken to local collection centres. They are then delivered to the Yacao processing centre, where they are fermented and dried. After being carefully quality controlled, they are then bagged and shipped to Europe to be turned into cocoa butter and cocoa powder. 

FUNDOPO has used Fair Trade premiums to support a variety of projects within its communities, from building community centres and infrastructure to creating clean water supplies and supporting training. 



"....FUNDOPO unites some 1,500 farmers in distant regions where poverty is widespread and communities rely on cocoa production as their main source of source of income."