Fresh Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Indicum

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Soothing and anti-inflammatory
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The national flower of Japan, chrysanthemums bloom in reds, oranges, whites and yellows. They are renowned for their benefits to the skin both externally and internally, supporting healthy moisture content, soreness and redness.



Chrysanthemum indicum is a hardy perennial which grows to 0.6m. It is commonly used in traditional Japanese herbal treatments.

In Sunflower deodorant, fresh chrysanthenums are also used as a decorative element.

Fresh Chrysanthemum can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Fresh Chrysanthemum can be found in these products
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A blue bath bomb topped with a flower
Bath Bomb
Blue, floral, softening soaks


It's only natural: How are solid deodorant bars made?

Solid, natural deodorant bars offer an eco-friendly, gentle way to keep you smelling fresh. But what goes into making them? Of course, they’re full of fresh ingredients, but do you know how they turn everyday ingredients into bars of deodorising goodness? You deo now!

How it’s Made: Aromaco

Aromaco solid deodorant is a packaging-free alternative to roll on deodorant. But did you know it is made using the hot pour technique just like Lush soaps? You do now.

First, super-absorbent and antibacterial sodium bicarbonate is mixed with hot water and propylene glycol - this gives it a silky texture and helps to deliver ingredients to the skin. When this is all blended together sodium stearate is added to help set the soap after it has cooled. While it does, witch hazel is poured into the mixture for its drying, cooling effects on skin.

Now it’s time to add antibacterial chamomile vinegar. This creates a mild reaction in the mixture because the alkali nature of the sodium bicarbonate balances the acidic vinegar to create a product the works in balance with your body’s natural functions while gently controlling bacteria growth.

Finally, the patchouli fragrance is added while the mixture is still warm. It is then poured through muslin into moulds to set.

How It’s Made: T’eo

Making T’eo solid deodorant bar is no easy feat, and it can take up to eight people to make a 100 kg batch.\

First, a fragrance made up of deodorising tea tree, lemon, juniperberry and lemongrass oils is mixed with moisturising apricot kernel oil and freshly blended green grapes. This is then poured into a blender with the rest of the ingredients, including super-absorbent magnesium carbonate. Once this process is complete the clock is on and Compounders (the experts who make the products) have to quickly prepare the moulds with decorative cornflower petals and pour and press the mixture into them so they can set.

This is a job for the whole team - and the entire powders department is called onto the floor to individually hand press each deodorant bar. It is a race against the clock - they have two hours before the mixture dries.

The fresh T’eo deodorant bars are then left overnight in their moulds to set, before they are hand dipped in blue wax on one side to make them easier to grip and use.
Within 3 hours the new T’eo deodorant bars are ready to be packed, shipped and deodorise pits all over the world.

Lush Manufacturing Presents: T'eo Deodorant

How It’s Made: Sunflower

Sunflower solid deodorant is made in small batches of up to 30 kilos. Because the batchsize is so small it can all be done by one compounder.

The process begins with a traditional deodorising and anti-inflammatory infusion, which is made of dried witch hazel, dried cleavers and fresh chrysanthemum tops. Once the infusion is complete, propylene glycol and sodium stearate are mixed in by hand. The first ingredient is a humectant and gives a beautiful slip to the product, making it a roll on, and locking in moisture into the skin, and the second ingredient solidifies the mixture into a solid slab. When the mixture is cool enough freshly squeezed orange juice is poured in, alongside the zesty fragrance.

Now it’s ready to pour into the moulds with more beautiful chrysanthemums for decoration. They are left to set overnight and are ready to be shipped out to keep pits smelling as fresh as a…. Sunflower.