Irish Moss Powder

Chondrus crispus

Conditioning and softening
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Irish moss (Chondrus crispus) is a bushy, red seaweed found on the Atlantic coast of Europe, which grows between the tide lines to roughly 6 inches tall. It can be found down to a depth of 15 feet.



The seaweed is harvested from spring to autumn. It is dried, and then ground to a powder.

We use the powder in solid products because it is most suitable for this type of formulation. Once the product is combined with water, a gel is produced.

In our Caca hair colours, the gel helps form a paste which makes it easier to apply to the dry hair; once applied, it softens the hair and makes it more flexible.

In the truckle solid shampoo, the gel creates a pleasant texture to the lather while softening the hair at the same time.

Irish moss is used in our The Hair Doctor hair treatment both as a decoction, creating a gel base, and as a powder to give it its luxurious texture. Combining the two produces a powerful treatment that conditions deeply, resulting in glossy and bouncy hair.

Irish Moss Powder can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Irish Moss Powder can be found in these products
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