Maple Water

Acer saccharum

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Humectant and sweet
Products with this ingredient

Maple water adds a little woody and sweet touch to products. Its high sugar content helps to make delicious maple syrup and will also have humectant properties on the skin, maintaining hydration.



Maple water is actually the sap of the maple tree. It starts flowing from the trees roots to the branches in the late winter and early spring, and is collected by tapping holes into the tree trunks when the weather gets a little bit warmer after frost. The clear, watery sap will naturally flow out of the spouts carefully placed in the holes.

In some provinces of Canada, the first sap of the year is highly celebrated as it represents the arrival of spring after a long snowy winter. Families gather around the trees and cook maple taffy: a sugar candy made by boiling maple sap until it creates a sort of sugar paste that is then cooled and hardened in the snow.