Moringa Oil

Moringa pterygosperma

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The miracle plant
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Nicknamed the miracle plant, moringa oil is light, antioxidant rich and highly nutritious. It strengthens the hair, and soothes and softens the skin.



Belonging to the Moringaceae family, the moringa plant is cultivated in parts of Africa, as well as in its native Asia. Also known as the drumstick tree, along with its many other names, the plant has the ability to survive in harsh conditions particularly in areas with minimal rainfall.

Although the SLush fund has evolved, Lush continues to work alongside the Ghana Permaculture Institute (GPI) and has been buying moringa oil from them since 2013. Set up by Paul Yeobah, the GPI teaches permaculture practices to educate its students about alternative sustainable farming methods. The institute works to regenerate degraded land, as well as working with the local community to provide jobs and of course, moringa oil.

Moringa oil is created from moringa seeds, the excess or byproduct produced after the oil is removed is known as cake. This cake can be used to feed biogas system digesters for cooking, as animal feed and as a fertiliser that farmers can then use to grow crops such as maize, yams and plantain. Moringa oil is also used in medicines and for water purification.


Moringa Oil can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Moringa Oil can be found in these products
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Hair Honey
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They're Gone!
Foot Lotion
Don't run on empty
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Moringa: the miracle plant

Introducing Moringa Oil, a topical elixir worth its weight in gold. This exquisite oil is calming for both the skin and mind, lends the complexion an illustrious glow, and restores strength deep within the hair follicles.

Well known today as a superfood in powdered form, moringa oil has long been used to treat malnutrition in many African countries. This miracle plant brings an abundance of benefits to a wide network of farming communities.

A sub-tropical farming district of Ghana, Techiman is home to the Ghana Permaculture Institute (GPI), a stronghold of permaculture practice that delivers training, education and opportunities.

Lush has worked alongside the GPI for three years through the Sustainable Lush fund project (SLush) to regenerate depleted land within the district. Using ecological farming techniques, the aim is to grow further nutritional ingredients for Lush products.

SLush is an inspiring initiative that was set up to develop supportive partnerships with farming communities around the world. Its aim was to do more than just create a sustainable farming practice - in which a family is able to grow vital food and medicine in their own gardens - but to encourage the use of regenerative agriculture.“To source raw materials back from the SLush Fund is a really big deal,” says Simon Constantine, Lush’s Head Perfumer and Creative Buyer. The idea would be to give back by investing into the earth what we have taken from for generations.

Practicers of permaculture build their understanding of natural patterns in ecosystems and then work with these to grow crops. It’s a concept that emphasises care of the earth, care of people and ensures a fair share for all. SLush Fund projects focus on helping to develop this practice as a means to establish ethical and savvy farming methods that go beyond sustainability. A growing number of the ingredients used are sourced from farms where this practice is in place, including moringa oil, some of which comes from the Ghana Permaculture Institute.

The GPI is also an educational hub, offering training in these regenerative methods of agriculture in order to improve soil fertility and the dietary nutrition of the local community. The director Paul Yeboah has passionately pioneered further enterprises including the seed press that produces the moringa oil for Lush and valuable seed ‘cake’ that is used as fertiliser. SLush was inspired to help fund the creation of further enterprises in support of the Institute’s work.

The Natural Moringa Enterprise was then born and has since been providing jobs for those who have been trained by the GPI to make and sell natural moringa cosmetics in Ghana. Moringa is a medicinal species, often used to bring soil fertility back to barren land, as well as having incredible benefits for the skin. Powdered moringa leaf is considered a superfood, and Moringa Enterprises also sell this internationally.

While remaining economically viable, the most enduring opportunity The GPI extends is as a training and demo site for farmers to explore the techniques and benefits of permaculture. Available to anyone, this training has enabled farmers involved in other SLush projects worldwide, including people from Gambia and Kenya, to visit the GPI. Learning more about permaculture farming practices extends this network of knowledge and empowerment, reaffirming that sharing leads to sustainability, and possibly even more.




Often referred to as ‘the miracle plant’, moringa is a medicinal species that is used to treat malnutrition in many African countries.