Organic Ginseng Root Powder

Panax ginseng

Skin-conditioning and stimulating
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Ginseng is shrouded in mystery and superstition. It is the most important plant in Ancient Chinese medicine, and it has been in use there as a tonic for at least 5,000 years. Ginseng is used as a culinary herb in Asia; it has a sour taste with a sweet undertone.



Ginseng is still popular today; the Chinese believe it to be anti-ageing, aphrodisiac, and a general cure-all. According to myth, the root is a representation of the spirit of God on earth.

Another famous myth is that of a Chinese herbalist, Li Ching Yun, who is claimed to have lived to the ripe age of 256 years.  He named ginseng as one of the herbs he took for longevity.

Ginseng is the underground root of a trailing ground cover plant. Several varieties exist, but we use the Asian variety. It is predominantly grown in China, Korea and the United States.

The English name ginseng derives from the Chinese jen shen, meaning ‘essence of earth, shaped like a man.’

The roots are lifted and used fresh or dried in decoctions, liquid extracts, pills, and powders.

Although a few scientific studies exist about the fabled healing properties of ginseng, nothing conclusive has been proven to date. Russian scientists conducted studies in the 1950s that boosted the popularity of the Siberian variety. The herb remains a favoured remedy and a food supplement.

We use dried and powdered ginseng root in our products.

Our Sacred Truth fresh face mask contains ginseng root powder for its skin-conditioning and stimulating properties.