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Vitamin E is a term used to describe a group of antioxidant compounds, one of which is alpha-tocopherol, the form of vitamin E most easily absorbed by the body. As with all vitamins, obtaining vitamin E through a varied diet is best. Some good sources of vitamin E are nuts (almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts in particular), green leafy vegetables, avocados and various oils (wheatgerm, olive, safflower and sunflower, for example).



First recognised in 1922, vitamin E was isolated and chemically identified in the 1930s. Ancient Greeks rubbed olive oil (a good source of vitamin E) on their skin and hair, and almond oil (also a good source) has been one of the most widely used beauty oils since the ancient Egyptians used it for skin and hair care purposes.

Considered important for the maintenance of healthy skin, eyesight and circulation, vitamin E oil is a valued compound with varied internal and external uses. Vitamin E oil is an excellent antioxidant and considered important for cell protection and for the maintenance of our immune system and healthy skin. Vitamin E has been widely researched for use in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the eye, Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, and Parkinson’s disease, cancer and pain relief.

Vitamin E is said to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) properties. Studies also suggest that topical application of it can decrease skin roughness, dryness and fine lines, which partly explains the popularity of this ingredient with cosmetics formulators.

Antioxidants safely interact with and destroy free radicals. These occur as a result of over-exposure to sunlight, pollution and cigarette smoke. Free radicals are highly reactive and once formed, can start a damaging chain reaction in our cells, the results of which have been linked with ageing and various cancers.

Fats (lipids) that form an integral part of our cell membranes are especially vulnerable to free radical activity. Damage to lipids in our skin cells can result in dry, rough skin and aged appearance. Since vitamin E oil is a fat-soluble antioxidant, it happens to be particularly well suited for use in a topical cosmetic application to combat this type of skin damage.

We have packed our Vit E TonerTab full of fizzy goodness - like an external vitamin tablet - and with this delivery mechanism you'll be able to get the full benefit of vitamin E freshly and directly to your skin.

One of the challenges of this new, compact, powdered formula was how to get enough of the vitamin in – and our usual approach of squeezing in fruits and oils didn’t seem appropriate. With our Toner Tabs, we wanted to use just the isolated oil to help us get the right concentration of vitamin E into the product.

The toner tab concept was designed primarily to encourage those with problem skin to use steam treatments regularly (using plain water is adequate for a good, basic steam, but not very tempting or exciting!). With a toner tab in the water, the experience will be something to look forward to and will help make steaming a habit, which is what congested problem skin really needs. After steaming, use cotton wool to apply the toning water directly on the face and neck, and on any other area you would like to freshen up! You can also splash the toning water directly on your skin from the bowl or basin.