Gift them butterflies

Limited Edition

Butterfly Mask

Bath Bomb Holder

Gift them butterflies
blue, green and yellow, orange and pink bath bomb holder turned mask shaped like a butterfly

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It’s time to take flight to a world with less waste with this recyclable packaging. Place two beautiful bath bombs under the wings and celebrate with that special someone.

Gifting all wrapped up:
- The packaging is made of recycled and recyclable card and can be regifted or reused.
- Repurpose the packaging by turning into a beautiful butterfly mask when the products have been used up.
- Blue or pink? They decide!

How to use:
- Bath bomb holders will be packed and delivered flat to save space in your box. But don't worry, they're easy to build and fill yourself!
- Pop your bath bombs into the holes and fold the holder up.
- When they've opened their bath bombs, this holder can be turned into a magical mask! Simply cut along the dotted lines inside and watch the mask transform before their very eyes.

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