Spice up your lathers!

Limited Edition


Shower Gel

Spice up your lathers!
circular blob of red shower gel with golden shimmer

When you want to moonwalk the foxtrot then polka the salsa, spice up your life with this glittery red shower gel. A wash with this stimulating gel will leave you glowing inside and out thanks to warming ginger oil and fresh ginger root decoction.

You'll love this if you like:
- Sensually stimulating showers.
- Ginger perfume and Hottie massage bar.
- Getting hot and spicy in the shower.

- Ginger root infusion stimulates your skin and soothes sore muscles.
- Ginger oil is antibacterial and refreshing, giving your skin an invigorating wash.
- Bergamot’s elevating, zesty scent clears your mind and encourages a sense of wellbeing.
- The sweet and floral fragrance of mimosa absolute uplifts and energises.

How to use: Step into the shower and enjoy enlivening lathers as you slam it to the front, shake it to the right and soap up all over.

30 Ingredients
Soothing and uplifting
Rose geranium
Toning and balancing
Antibacterial and refreshing
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About 3 years ago

This smells gorgeous! Spicy ginger with a hint of floral notes, totally sends me back to when I was a kid and I used to get ginger beer soft drinks as treats on holidays haha. I was umming and ahhing about purchasing this but I'm glad I did, the scent is perfect <3 If you like more musky and spicier scents then this is for you.

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About 3 years ago

What I love about Ginger - and I used to love the fragrance and the dusting powder too, and wasn't there a soap? - is that it looks so pretty pink and flowery, but lurking beneath is an exotic smell of something much more exciting than pretty-pink. Sublime.


3 years ago


About 3 years ago

I bought this for a friend so I've only smelt it, and it's lovely. I got a strong floral scent from it, nothing else. It was very crisp and pleasant to my nose. People say there is a overwhelming ginger/dirty element - maybe that comes out more in the shower!

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