A rich and exfoliating wash

Lotus Flower


A rich and exfoliating wash
a block of the red/pink Lotus Flower soap

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“I'm in love with this soap! The smell is so calming and has the most beautiful moisturising texture. More of this scent please - would love a shower gel or body spray of it!” - Sadiemaypearce

How to use:

For vitamin-filled exfoliation, run the water, grab this soap and work up a rich lotus root lather. Rinse off leaving your skin moisturised and glowing

How to store:

Keep this rice bran based soap in a cool dry place until ready to use.


About 6 months ago

I love this scent, it’s really pretty and sweet! I’d love to see some more products with this scent! Maybe some hair products or shower gel.

25 Ingredients
Coconut Cream
softening and soothing

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 4 months ago

This soap smells lovely, and feels lovely, a bit too lovely. You look down and realise you put hot water on it for too long and now you’ve turned the whole thing into a paste just by using it a bit too long. Ironic how the subheading of the soap section of this website tells you to wash for 20 seconds yet this soap can barley handle 10 of lukewarm water. I don’t know how fast this was rushed into production but the physical quality of the soap is awful. You pay a great amount for a piece only for it to degrade quicker than Francium or any other unstable element.

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About 1 month ago

really is what it is described as ! my skin felt totally smooth right after my 1st bath with this lotus flower soap bar, worth it , totally recommend it if you want your skin to feel refreshed and smooth.


3 weeks ago


About 3 weeks ago

I spend a lot of money in Lush each month. I also have a lash subscription so use a lot of lush products. £6:00 for a bar is a lot of money but particularly when this bar only for maybe 4 showers.
If was Incredibly sticky when it arrived, with styrofoam packing stuck to it. Smells nice, that lush do lots more nicer ones. Will not be buying this one again and would not recommend.

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