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Inside this nondescript, recycled box, powerful forces are at play. Four naked doses of therapeutic shower gel await, made with the finest perfumes to unlock your deepest desires. Shower yourself in love, money or joy - just remember to Let Go of the grudges, regrets or desires holding you back too.

Atmospheres are naked doses of shower gel that double up as a cosmic order of your choosing. Pinch the atmosphere between your fingers and tear open as you focus your mind on your goal, tipping the gel into your hand and washing all over. When you're done lathering up, the seaweed layer can be washed down the plug or popped in the compost. The laws of attraction are at work so feel secure in the knowledge that your order has been placed.



About 1 month ago

Well done everyone this invitation of this product is absolutely outstanding so amazed how you do it.Watched the video yesterday brilliant.The price is a little steep but worth every penny.The scent's are so Luxurious,uplifting and relax,refreshing little box of joy to treat yourself.Please make Love shower gel a permanent product the lustre is simple magical.Thank you Lush xxxx

4 items in the box
Inside your gift…
money atmospheres lush labs
See yourself enjoying absolute control.
joy atmospheres lush labs
I am the creator of my own life experiences
let go atmospheres lush labs
...of attachment
love atmospheres lush labs
Appreciation and love are identical vibrations
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#LushMood: Take a bath, transform your state of mind
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About 1 month ago

How are you justifying the price of these? 4 dollops of gel in a tub for the same price as a full size bottle of showergel?
Utterly ridiculous!

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About 1 week ago

Let me start off by saying you’re all mistaken by the price, I used mine yesterday and after tearing a small hole in the middle of the packaging I squeezed the smallest amount into my hand and then lathered it up... the thickness of the gel means it goes a lot further than most think.
I think they smell fantastic, I love the texture of the gel and it just feels luxurious and the fact that its sea weed and recycled cardboard packaging makes me like it even more.


6 days ago


About 6 days ago

I so wanted to love these, part of me does. I think it’s a great concept, the scents were fab and I really liked the selection. Lasted more than just a single use which I’m really pleased about considering the price, if I was a lotto winner I’d have a jar in my bathroom filled with these.. they’re just a tad to expensive in my opinion which is such a shame really.

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