Fushia jasmine fizzes

Lucky Cat

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Fushia jasmine fizzes
lucky cat bath bomb harajuku 2018

This purr-fect little lucky cat is beckoning you to bathe. Fizzing into fluffy fuschia waters, multi-coloured stars burst from the centre, waving in good fortune and leaving you feline fine. A classically botanic blend of jasmine absolute, neroli and ylang ylang - this kitty is fresh, and floral, with a squeaky clean scent. You’ll leave the bath feeling brand mew. 

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About 7 months ago

I love that it was all pink and glittery on the outside making the water have a glittery affect. The bath smells absolutely amazing and the little stars inside are so cute, it ties in with the lucky cat as stars are lucky. I’m definitely going back to buy so more lucky cats. Highly recommend but be aware that the...

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About 9 months ago

This is the first of the new bath bombs I have tried out. After talking to the reps in the Northampton store yesterday I went for this one as it looked bright, colourful and glittery, exactly how I like my bath bombs.
Unfortunately this one was a waste of money, it turns the bath a pale orange colour, lacked any real fizz and the smell didn’t last long either.

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About 3 months ago

the water was so glittery and it made me so relaxed and it made my skin soft !


3 days ago


About 3 days ago

This fizzed for about 20 seconds and left my bath kinda orange. Not much smell or colour or fizz really, saw a few paper stars floating about but overall just tinted the bath colour.

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