Sensual, pink jasmine soaks

Sex Bomb

Bath Bomb

Sensual, pink jasmine soaks

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When you’ve got that feeling - tired, stressed out and anxious - you need some sensual healing. The fragrant blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage will soon have you relaxed and feeling in the mood... Jasmine is an ancient aphrodisiac, used as a sensual perfume in India for centuries and in aromatherapy to ease stress and anxiety. Clary sage clears the mind, while ylang ylang is renowned for soothing worries.

Did you know?
Over 25 years ago we invented the bath bomb. Our fizzing bicarb beauties provide an immersive aromatherapeutic bathtime like no other. All this and no packaging too...


About 1 year ago

I’ve had this bath Bomb a few times, one individually and once as part of a gift box. It turns the water a lovely shade of pink and smells gorgeous. A great one for anyone wanting to relax and unwind.

20 Ingredients
Clary sage
Sensual and soothing
Ylang Ylang
Sweet and heady

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 1 year ago

Objective Facts:
Smells floral.
Scent is very strong.
Makes bath water a sort of a cherry blossom pink.
Colouring in the water makes it cloudy rather than translucent.
No glitter.
No bubbles.

This is a bath bomb that you can absolutely trust to perform as advertised.

Subjective Perception:
Personally I feel that the type of smell is fine, not offensive, not amazing, but I generally don't love floral scents, but I would recommend this heavily to anybody who does love flowering smells.

The smell is intensely strong, which can be euphoric if the type of scent is to one's preference.

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About 1 month ago

this is my all time favourite bath bomb! smells amazing makes your skin silky-smooth and exfoliating gently


1 week ago


About 1 week ago

The smell of the thing before use is amazing! I sat it on the bathroom shelf and could smell it as soon as I walked in the room!

It's when I actually used it last night that I was disappointed. The smell was quite weak and a bit strange, the water was VERY pink to the point that I was concerned for my white bath towel, and the "flower" was a soggy, slimy mess that I had to scoop out for fear it would clog the drain. My skin wasn't that fragrant afterwards and felt quite dry.

Better as an air freshener to be honest.

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