Take a walk through the Tibetan tundra

Under the Umbrella Tree

Bath Bomb

Take a walk through the Tibetan tundra
under the umbrella tree bath bomb

A wilderness is blooming inside your bathtub. It’s unkempt and uncultivated - nature at its most perfect and anarchic. A complex and meditative perfume invites you to take a walk on the wildside through unchartered territory of cedarwood and vetivert, through peaks of black pepper and foliage of rose. Discover obscure forests fed by monsoons and the mountain ranges of the Hindu Kush, imagined in technicolour scentscapes of cade, pine and grapefruit.

Umbrella unfurled and lowered about your body, envelop yourself in the serenity of the Tibetan plateau as essential oils and epsom salts effervesce. Inhale and exhale. Then, while your body rests, allow your mind to travel, drinking in the sight of the mountains and meandering through grass plains. Find respite in adventure.





About 4 months ago

I'm in love with this one. Although I never was a huge fan of the breath of god perfume, as I find it too strong and almost medicinal smelling. This bath bomb offers a much lighter version of this scent. It's very woody and relaxing, I would love to see it in the main range

25 Ingredients
Restorative and relaxing
Uplifting and refreshing

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 3 months ago

I love the breath of god fragrance and used to love snagging inhale exhale bath bomb (which one side fizzes faster in the inhale fragrance and slow fizz in exhale one side red the other blue) so I am pleased as punch to see this bathbomb. The texture is a bit different slightly more crumbly than most but I suppose it's either the pine pollen the Epsom salt or both giving it a less solid look. It's truer to breath of god than inhale exhale I feel like was slightly different each bomb had a diff ratio. I just love this and wish for more herbal heavy scents in the regular bath range.

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About 3 months ago

Please make this little gem a regular product! I’m in love with the scent! I wish there were more regular products either in the breath of god scent family.


2 months ago


About 2 months ago

Smells just like my soak and float shampoo bar! Love the scent and leaves my skin soft and nourished

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